Jan 17 2013
05:11 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

At 5PM we have a light to moderate dusting over here, including streets. Earlier snow was wet, so it's sticking to everything and making it pretty.

The temperature continues to drop, and what's coming down now seems more like ice. Guessing that secondary roads will be getting treacherous soon, if they haven't already. If it gets really cold tonight and this stuff freezes over it will be a huge mess for commuters in the AM.

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Snow Storm of 2013

That white stuff, otherwise known as snow, is coming down pretty hard in my area. Have about 2" on most of my deck so far. Hubby went out about 3:30 and said the neighborhood road was better (safer?) than the main roads, and he was heading downtown. Had to turn around and come back home. Taken about 15 minutes ago
2013 Snow.jpg

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The Ruckus and I had the most

The Ruckus and I had the most eventful trip home from work. Safe and sound. Wine in hand. Phew...

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Knox Co/City and TDOT have

Knox Co/City and TDOT have done a piss poor job at scraping/salting roads. Let me repeat that: PISS POOR.

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They couldn't really

They couldn't really pre-treat because all the rain would have just washed the salt/brine away. So this event was a bit more difficult than usual to hanle.

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Brine/beet juice/potato juice not applied

in the run up to the snow since it would have been greatly diluted and washed away by the heavy rains we were experiencing across East Tennessee.

Once the snow/slush is on the pavement, the effectiveness of the solution is greatly limited and you have to go to the salt/sand/chemicals to melt the snow/slush. Once the slush is present, a nice blade on the front of a truck is a terrific addition to clearing the way.

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I was really surprised to see

I was really surprised to see the county service truck so soon here on Weaver Road. It started snowing here at about 2 PM and I shot this photo at 5:42.

It's Snowing Here at the Gap

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Our patio is a sheet of ice.

Our patio is a sheet of ice. Be careful out there.

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