Jul 14 2017
09:32 am

A Florida company has created "Coco Loko, a “snortable” chocolate powder being marketed as a drug-free way to get a buzz."

The effects of the cacao-based powder, he [Nick Anderson, found of Legal Lean] said, last about 30 minutes to an hour, and are “almost like an energy-drink feeling, like you’re euphoric but also motivated to get things done.”

“The question is, what are the risks of doing it?” said Dr. Andrew Lane, director of the Johns Hopkins Sinus Center. “There’s no data, and as far as I can tell, no one’s studied what happens if you inhale chocolate into your nose."

I can't imagine what it is like to be a parent or a young adult these days. How do you talk to your kids about putting chocolate up your nose? Won't Hershey's Cocoa work? It's a lot cheaper.

JaHu's picture

So does this now mean

So does this now mean chocolate will be labeled a gateway drug?

R. Neal's picture

That company will soon be out

That company will soon be out of buiness.

Won't Hershey's Cocoa work? It's a lot cheaper.

Please, do not try this at home!

Tamara Shepherd's picture


I remember tagging along to the ER with my parents one night when my kid sister stuck a buncha raw pinto beans up her nose then couldn't breathe...

Then and now, that kinda thing is just uncouth, doncha think?!

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