Jan 20 2013
10:08 am

I received a letter from my accountant indicating that Tennessee now requires me to approve EFT draft rights to my checking account for Franchise and Excise taxes. I can no longer just write a check for my taxes, I have to open my account for them to draw from it whenever they darn well please.

I'm sure if they screw up and either take out $$ they aren't supposed to, or if they get hacked and my account information ends up in Russia, they have no liability whatsoever.

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I would set up a separate

I would set up a separate account just for that EFT and only fund it as necessary.

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Yeah, I'm with R. Neal on this one. I'm not crazy about anyone (government or private) having access to withdraw funds from my account on their own whim. I'm not always thrilled that I have the ability either.

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They also estimate what they

They also estimate what they think your excise should be and the force you to back it all out.

Say what?

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Wait, why can't you just mail

Wait, why can't you just mail a check?

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TN Revenue eliminated that as a legal option.

But that's what I'm going to do anyway. Unless they can demonstrate their cybersecurity to me personally.

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The Federal Government has

The Federal Government has been requiring electronic payments for 941 taxes for a couple of years. I guess it is easier to trust them than the State of Tennessee.

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Have you seen the yokels running this state?

I can't imagine how sad the state of their cybersecurity is. The few state web sites I have to deal with (Edison purchasing) are so badly f****ed up and so poorly specified and implemented, I have zero confidence.

By comparison, my logins to FedBizOpps and GSA are somewhat overkill, it's like having the codes to launch nuclear missiles. A pain in the ass, but I have some degree of confidence.

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Want to learn about waste?

Want to learn about waste? Ask someone in the state about VIP.

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There's a huge difference

There's a huge difference between paying electronically vs having them deduct whatever they want whenever they want, which I find extremely hard to believe.

They will sometimes send you random bills with madeup numbers, but that's just when you don't file on time (and they still expect you to file and pay the correct amount).

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Tennessee Professional Privilege Tax

The Tennessee Department of Revenue has, apparently, eliminated paper filing and payment by check of your professional privilege tax. I received notification of electronic filing only last month. You have two choices: Payment by debit to your bank account or payment by credit card.

I dutifully went to the website to pay the tax as it is due, as I understand it, on January 1 and delinquent on June 1. Oh, well. Why not pay it and get if over with.

I went to the site and found this form. As you will note, there is no way to pay the tax for the year 2013. You can only pay for the years 2012 or earlier. You cannot pay the tax that is due, right now, for the year 2013. It can't be done.

This was reported to the Tennessee Department of Revenue who politely informed me that they had "other priorities" than up-dating their website so that timely payments could be made. They have no intention of updating their website until April, 2013.

I don't know much about websites and computers and such, but I'll bet that it wouldn't take 15 minutes to update that site. I suspect that the Department of Revenue is losing subtantial amounts in interest alone on the revenue that they decline to receive when it becomes due. What a world.

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They certainly have a really

They certainly have a really bad attitude. It's not about updating websites, it's about earnings.

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It is not the hallmark of the Haslam administration.

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I don't know anything about

I don't know anything about their CMS, but if their IT people can't update their website in just a few minutes then they have got some serious problems. That's crazy. Crazy. They have so much other stuff on the web that makes no sense.


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The State of Tennessee

The State of Tennessee websites have gone into disrepair under the latest administration. They used to be frequently updated, more open, better managed, etc. That has all changed, especially the "more open" part in terms of news releases, data, etc., over the past couple of years.

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Well, it is harder to find

Well, it is harder to find things than it used to be. And there are several things about them that just don't make sense. But you and I both know that to do this small thing wouldn't take much time at all. It's truly unreasonable.

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Prior to the Haslam administration, the home page for the State Report Card carried links to archival report cards going all the way back to 2002, the year NCLB was enacted.

Now the page has only the last five years' report cards, going back to 2007.

(I discovered this trying to determine how the state's Free and Reduced Lunch population had changed over the ten year period. Who knows.)

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Yeah, I was looking at the

Yeah, I was looking at the report cards last week and there were a couple of things that seemed hinky. I didn't write them down, so don't ask me to tell you what they were. My memory sometimes leaves something to be desired. It wasn't vital to what I was doing at the moment.

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Actually, you can pay the TN

Actually, you can pay the TN Franchise/Excise Tax by credit card for a 2.49% fee. Theoretically, the process is handled by the IRS. Although, in stepping through the Online Demo, it is a State of TN app.

The Department of Revenue is now accepting franchise & excise tax returns, extensions and quarterly estimated payments for tax year 2011 through the IRS Modernized e-File (MeF) Program. This partnership between states and the Internal Revenue Service allows tax preparers to include the state tax return and any associated payment with its electronically filed federal return.

I like this State of TN webpage for the Corporate Annual Report Due Date Calendar. They are still listing due dates for 2008/2009. Is not updating their website. A method for the new administration to save money?

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