Nov 20 2012
02:05 pm

A bunch more votes are needed to make the single-payer health insurance petition visible on the White House petition page.

Thanks to everyone who signed, and if you haven't please do and please pass it on. And if someone has an account at DailyKos or places like that, maybe you could post something about it there? If it becomes visible there will likely be an avalanche of signers.

gonzone's picture

Posted to Reddit. Maybe that

Posted to Reddit. Maybe that will help.

CE Petro's picture


found this similar petition as I was looking around at other petitions.

R. Neal's picture

Cool. That one wasn't there

Cool. That one wasn't there when I made mine. (Or maybe it was there but not visible yet.) I was surprised to not find one, so that's why I made one. I'm happy to sign this one. It is clearly getting more traction.

CE Petro's picture


You called it in your original post, Randy. Some of those petitions are real doozies.

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