The Knoxville Police Department will reimplement its COVID-19 safety measures starting Friday morning.

What this means, is that officers will limit their response to only emergencies that require immediate police presence or intervention; or calls that involve a threat of violence.

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getting bad

My regular liquor store just sent out an email it will temporarily be closing.

"After a great deal of careful consideration, Pop’s Wine & Liquor will be temporarily closed to customers until further notice. We do not take this decision lightly, in fact, we have made this decision to temporarily close our store to protect our employees and customers because we are prepared to put the health of our employees and customers ahead of our bottom line."

Thank you Pop's. You take this pandemic more seriously than many of my elected officials.

If you find you have holiday shopping that involves booze, please consider doing your shopping at Pop's when they open back up.

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Can liquor stores set up a

Can liquor stores set up a take out window in their doorway?

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good question

Good question. I dunno know if liquor stores can set up a take out window in their doorway.

Pops Liquors would allow me to call in my order, so it'd be ready when I got there. I drop inside to show ID & pay, pop open my car trunk, and Pop's loads up my car. Easy and quick (def under the 15 minutes the CDC recommends).

When I couldn't find Creme de Cassis at Pops, I found it online at Downtown Wine and Spirits. Purchased online, paid online, texted when I got downtown to the parking spot out front of DW&S on Gay St, sales person comes to my car where I show my id then the sales person puts my order in the car's back seat. That worked great, too.

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Our store is still doing

Our store is still doing curbside. Good thing, because last time I went in there only one employee had a mask on. Conversely, every customer but one had a mask on.

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With the number of covid

With the number of covid cases and deaths skyrocketing we need leaders that will take action. If Trump had acted in the spring and taken the pandemic seriously the covid situation would be much better. He has not even addressed the pandemic since the election except to say he would not shut down. There needs to be coordination between Trump's covid task force and the task force of Biden. Without any leadership from the President we need governors and mayors to take action.
Like Trump, mayor Jacob's has not provided any leadership in the covid crisis. He is an embarrassment to Knox County. We would be so much better served if Mayor Kinncannon could assume the role of Knox County mayor as well as her job as mayor of Knoxville.

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324 cases reported Monday.

Mondays new case count shattered the new record set yesterday in Knox County. It doesn't appear testing is up.

I used to worry, and in fact got a bit of feedback, that my reporting of covid was a bit over the top. Now I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't have done more and pushed harder.

This is not a good situation. Stay safe. Wear a mask. Practice social distancing.

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Thank you Bob! I have a good

Thank you Bob! I have a good friend that got covid a couple of weeks ago. Several other employees at his workplace also were diagnosed with covid. My friend wears a mask and does all he can to social distance. One of his co-workers died this weekend from covid. The situation will continue to get worse over the next weeks and months. I hope many people who have been reluctant to wear masks and social distance will have a change of attitude and think of the health and well being of others. Having many family and friends that are high risk I am especially worried about them. We all need to do our part to be examples for others and practice social distancing, wearing masks, and washing hands.

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