Jul 2 2007
11:51 am
By: R. Neal

Here are some local SiCKO reviews from last Friday's showing:

Cathy McCaughan

Doug McCaughan

Tommy's blog (Cathy and Doug's son)

Sarah's blog (Cathy and Doug's daughter)

Whites Creek Steve

Russ McBee

Jonathan Hickman

Katie Allison Granju

Tennessee Jed

KnoxBlab discussion

Doug McCaughan's photos

Let me know if I missed anyone.

Here's my review: The next time some wingnut tells me to move to France, I just might.

P.S. The KNS reviewer says it tells us what we already knew and offers no solutions. She likes Bruce Willis, though.

KO's picture

I would suggest adding this

I would suggest adding this thoughtful critique from an advisor to Barack Obama.

Joe P.'s picture

So good

that online readers in East TN have much better options for film reviews than the lame offerings of the KNS "reviewer".

R. Neal's picture

EDIT: I edited out the cheap

EDIT: I edited out the cheap shot about the KNS reviewer not having seen the movie. I based that on the fact that the online article didn't have a "star" rating like the other reviews. I checked the print review, and she in fact gave it four stars despite all its alleged shortcomings. (And she only gave Bruce three stars.)

WhitesCreek's picture

The review looked to have

The review looked to have been a Ben Dover for the bosses at KNS. Either that or a cut and paste.

Perhaps the Stars were a subtle hint.

Virgil Proudfoot's picture

Harry and Louise, RIP

There's a pretty funny review of Sicko in the Incoming section of today's Metro Pulse:

talidapali's picture

found this goofing around on the interwebs...

if this can happen in Texas...who knows what can change?

Sicko Spurs Audience Into Action


"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White"

"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

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