Aug 26 2017
06:51 pm


Shrimp from the Shrimp Dock, grilled (marinated in my special Margarita marinade*), tomatoes from the garden, broiled*, Zatarain's rice, from a box. Don't get much better than this.

(*1) Margarita marinade: Olive oil, some Nelly and Joe's Lime Juice, some orange juice, some Grand Marnier, a splash of soy sauce, some white wine, some ginger, some thyme, salt and pepper. Do not measure. Not repeatable.

(*2) Slice tomatoes, pour a couple of tablespoons of olive oil on a pan, rub the tomatoes around in it on both sides, sprinkle top of tomatoes with some dried basil, salt and pepper, top with some grated parmesan cheese. Broil until oil starts smoking.

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Those tomatoes look

Those tomatoes look especially good. Thanks for the recipe and inspiration.

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