Apr 12 2018
10:18 am

The city's Office of Redevelopment Director Michelle Dawn Foster provided more info on the right of way acquisition for the Sevier Ave. Streetscape project, which includes a new roundabout at Sevier/Island Home Ave. and Foggy Bottom.

Here is the right of way acquisition list (pdf). It appears that most of the right of way involves a few feet on either side of Sevier Ave. for improved sidewalks, bike lanes, landscaping, drainage and the like.

According to this environmental statement: "The project would involve the acquisition of two single family dwellings. One of the dwellings is located on Sevier Avenue and the other dwelling on Island Home Avenue. These dwellings are located in the area that would need to be acquired for the construction of the roundabout."

One of the dwellings is at 1151 Sevier Ave. (my old home place). The other appears to be at 1209 Island Home Ave. (but don't quote me on that). The current property tax appraisals are $63,500 for the Sevier Ave. property and $30,600 for the Island Home Ave. property.

The city's project page lists the timeline as:

• Right-of-way acquisition: Winter 2017 to Summer 2017
• Bid and Award phase: Fall 2017
• Construction phase: Fall 2017 to Fall 2018

This has obviously slipped, and Ms. Foster said it would be updated on the project page. She said that the city's Real Estate Department "is working with the ROW Services Group during the ROW and acquisition process," and that "ROW acquisition may take up to 1 year. Once we put the project out to bid, construction may follow by Fall/Winter 2019."

Here is the full project plan engineering detail...



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