Feb 6 2006
02:37 pm
Sandra Clark has more on the scramble to fill the open General Sessions Court seat that "Old Hickory" posted about here recently. There certainly seems to be a lot of intrigue surrounding this.
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This is a classic

This is a classic demonstration of how the local elected officials attempt to take level playing field elections away from the citizens of Knox County.  Mayor Ragsdale needs to realize that most elections, unlike his own, involve at least two candidates and the opportunity for meaningful debate, campaigning, fundraising, and overall organization.  For far too long, the decisions which affect this community have been made by far too few people.  The attempt to alter the playing field of the judicial race is another example of how misguided our County Mayor is and instead of looking to bring real jobs and real opporuntity to Knox County (not the $9.00 per hour telephone jobs), Mayor Ragsale is playing fast and loose with the facts and circumstances to create a crisis and strongarm the county commission into appointing his preferred candidate to the judicial spot.

You would think that there are more pressing needs in the county which would take up more of the County Mayor's time, such that he would not have to stoop to such shennanigans in trying to get his political cronies appointed to public jobs.

Hopefully, the County Mayor is not listening to Tyler Harber or Jay Witt for his political advise these days.  Next topic Mr. Mayor, let the people have a fair vote on who they want to be the new judge.

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