Oct 5 2017
10:43 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Haslam will not run, Freeman out, backs Bredesen.

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And Blackburn is officially

And Blackburn is officially in. God help us.

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So will she be on both the

So will she be on both the House and Senate primary ballots, just in case? Can they even do that?

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She can only run in one race. She can use all of her federal campaign funds for the Senate race, but she can't run in two races.

However, you can't officially file to get on ballot until next spring, so is there a chance something crazy happens in primary race and Marsha knows she'll lose and Mark Green (who announced for 7th) drops out and she quits Senate race to run for House again? I mean, hypothetically. But if she did that she'd have zero credibility left and why would anyone want to vote for her? Also, that's totally not her style.

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Marco Rubio?

Marco Rubio?

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Only if she can affirm her bona fides to Julia Hurley.

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