Tom Humphrey reports that Campfield's west-end doppelganger Sen. Brian Kelsey (R-Germantown) has filed SB106 which "prohibits a court, grand jury, general assembly or other administrative body from requiring the news media or press to disclose the identity of individuals who participate in online services offered by the news media or press in certain circumstances."

Even in cases of libel, defamation or actionable threats? And would the same shield apply to anonymous comments at blogs and forums and such?

HERE's the background. It appears Kelsey seeks to protect the God Given Right of right-wing racists and other knuckle draggers to hide behind their white, pointy-headed cloaks of anonymity.

WhitesCreek's picture

I am even more suspicious

I am even more suspicious that it would protect paid trolls. I have often thought about ways to make sure that each username was a real person that had identified his or her self to me. I've been subpoenaed with regard to a poster and worked that out fairly well, but I'm not sure every instance would go that way.

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And now this schmuck is about to become my State Senator

You want to know the truth? I would rather have Campy, I have more respect for HIM than I do Kelsey. I am moving in 3 days to a new neighborhood in Memphis, and Kelsey's district is in this neighborhood.

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Kelsey's an ideological tool, just like Campfield.

He's just not as likely to rant and foam at the mouth, which fools some people into thinking he's reasonable.

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The real problem is the lack

The real problem is the lack of an identity requirement by the newspaper in the first place. With that we wouldn't need this law.

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What he said.

What he said.

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I think if something libelous

I think if something libelous is published, whether it's published as a comment by an anonymous commenter or by an idenitifed commenter makes no difference does it?

Besides, in a town that can be as political as can be, anonymity does provide some protection.

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