Mar 12 2006
07:23 am

Sen. Dr. Bill Frist won an impressive straw poll victory at the GOP's dog and pony show in Memphis yesterday. This is outstanding news. I so hope the GOP nominates Sen. Dr. Frist as their candidate for for president in 2008.

Earlier in the week, Trent Lott complained that the voting was rigged. Republicans? Rigging an election? Shocking! Lott claimed that Sen. Dr. Frist was busing supporters in from all over. This can't be true. Everybody knows conservatives are against busing.

Sen. John McCain, sensing his first major campaign setback in a campaign that hasn't officially started, declared the straw poll meaningless and urged attendees to write in George W. Bush. Someone should remind McCain about the 22nd Amendment. If we can't bring back the Big Dog Bill they don't get to keep Dubya.

(Someone should also remind McCain about Bush's poll numbers. It doesn't appear anyone will be riding Bush's coattails into office.)

OK, then.

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I read the numbers from that

I read the numbers from that poll and figure that Frist is in serious trouble. 82% of his votes came from inside Tennessee. Drop those out and his numbers slide into the dismal 6% range he deserves. I figure that even the Republicans can figure that out.  Still, he would be ahead of Condi Rice.

All the numbers are here:

 But I do agree with the sentiment of wanting Frist to be the Republican candidate in 2008. What fun it would be to watch the attack ads he so richly deserves. 



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The only thing I can say

The only thing I can say about the Memphis GOP convention is that once again, a lot of hot air. The thing that bothers me so much is that with all of the posturing that when on over there that once again there was a lot of meaningless spin that hopefully won't make a difference in this year's, or 2008's elections. Why wasn't Frist's stock deals discussed, turning his back on the media last week when he didn't like the questions, his flip-flopping on the issues (and they, the big THEY) said that about John Kerry just a scant two years ago. Marsha Blackburn's comments that Tennesseans were all Nascar loving, country music singing, guitar picking yahoos. Sort of makes you want to hurl.

I spent my time over at (link...) in honor of the senator/doctor. Now the big objective is to make sure the Russ Feingold call for censure doesn't get lost by MSM as issues tend to do.

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