You can't make this stuff up.

(What's that old joke about now we're just negotiating a price?)

SEE ALSO: Stacey's Small Fee

AND: Possible ethics violation. Developing...

UPDATE: Betsy Phillips in the Nashville Scene...

redmondkr's picture

I wouldn't wear a pair of

I wouldn't wear a pair of alligator shoes around that guy.

Andy Axel's picture

AND: Possible ethics

AND: Possible ethics violation. Developing...

Too bad there's no longer a legislative ethics committee.

fischbobber's picture


We don't need no stinking ethics!

gonzone's picture

Must have ethics in order to

Must have ethics in order to violate them.

CathyMcCaughan's picture

That's merit pay for doing so

That's merit pay for doing so much more than other Senators while having such difficult constituents. Besides, we polled the Senators and they all agreed that they would like to have bonus pay. Current politics isn't getting the results that other countries are getting, so we have to try something new. This is what our founding fathers intended for our elected officials.

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And we KNEW and tried to tell...voters

He is all about himself, a shallow, arrogant, performer who wants to make "news" by embarrassing Tennessee. He certainly violates every ethics law that is still on the books. This is just another of those Campfield/Nicely bills that push hate of others, has NO redeeming value, waste time and "per diem" paid to him and his sorry cronies with our tax dollars.

They have done NOTHING to help this State, and certainly NOT their Districts. What is the rule on impeaching a State Senator in Tennessee for doing nothing? Maybe if it is possible, some of us could start a petition to do just that.

And just think; if we don't remove him, we still have 3 1/2 half years of more of his DO NOTHING for Tennessee. We could have had a real, super intelligent, compassionate, business professional who has already created hundreds of jobs for East TN...instead the voters picked the empty-headed clown.

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Because in Knox County, Osama Bin Ladin could be elected to office, so as long as he had an "R" next to his name on the ballot.

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Why is an unmarried man so

Why is an unmarried man so hung up on "gay"?

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