What: Second Saturday for Second Harvest Consumer Wine Education/Tasting Seminar
When: Saturday, March 13, 2010 - 2:00pm
Where: Next door to Campbell Station Wine & Spirits, Granite & Marble Store

On the Second Saturday of each month (this is the fourth) we hold a free consumer wine education/tasting seminar. We accept donations for Second Harvest. So far we have raised funds for nearly 5000 meals. It's fun and for a good cause.

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Kudos to Pamela and Gene Treacy for hosting this event for Second Harvest every month. What a great way to help a very deserving charity!

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Speaking of wine tasting, saw

Speaking of wine tasting, saw a great movie on cable yesterday. Bottle Shock is based on a true story about Napa Valley and California wines and how they gained worldwide recognition.

Upcoming show times:

On TMC Xtra 03/15/10 at 12:55 PM
On TMC Xtra 03/15/10 at 5:45 AM
On The Movie Channel 03/17/10 at 3:40 PM
On The Movie Channel 03/23/10 at 9:15 AM

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