Seattle is set to enact a ban on plastic straws and utensils.

All businesses that sell food or drinks must offer compostable or recyclable options — or ask patrons to forgo the tools altogether — come next July as part of a citywide ordinance to curb plastic waste across the city.

The last straw? Seattle will say goodbye to plastic straws, utensils with upcoming ban

The last straw: Is time up for this plastic relic?

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So, here in Knoxville,

So, here in Knoxville, styrofoam - and much of the glass - go in the landfill. (And it's astonishing how many of the restaurants still use styrofoam 'to go' boxes.)

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Americans use an average of 584 straws per year

Nationwide, that’s 500 million drinking straws thrown away every day — enough straws to fill about 46,400 school buses each year.

Environmental groups have targeted disposable drinking straws — that are not recyclable or compostable — for extinction. The ultimate goal: Prevent non-degradable plastic straws from polluting our beaches, waterways and oceans.

Fighting pollution by saying 'no' to plastic straws

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Cities and some companies move to ban plastic straws

28 cities around US have banned or limited plastic straws

Cities and some companies move to ban plastic straws

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