Oct 15 2018
05:40 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Sears files Chapter 11, America's worst CEO Eddie Lampert steps down but remains chairman, closing 142 more stores, arranges up to $600 million more in loans to keep remaining stores operating.

UPDATE: It appears the Sears at West Town is one of the stores being closed.

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Sounds like Sears West Town

Sounds like Sears West Town is closing.

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We were in there a couple of years ago and I bought a few shirts, mostly T-shirts. We mostly had the place to ourselves, it seemed. The staff was real nice and seemed to really want us back. But it was weird and obvious Sears didn't know how to do business well anymore. I couldn't find pants that fit and asked where the Lands' End stuff was. They directed us across the floor to a small area reserved for the LE brand, but it was sparsely stocked and the help then seemed to disappear. (LE used to make very high quality clothing, IMO, at least before it was purchased by Sears.)

I got some okay clothing for pretty good prices, but I just don't buy Sears type stuff enough to have helped out much with their business model, whatever it was. When I go into those stores, all I can think about is how much the light bill must be, and other such costs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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We go in there for household

We go in there for household items, appliances, tools, etc. Bought our fridge there several years ago. Bought some patio furniture there last year. It is sad.

Even though the Maryville store will still be there, I might be hesitant to buy any more appliances from them.

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"Everything solid melts into

"Everything solid melts into air."

Karl Marx, 1848

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The fall of a retail icon: why Americans stopped shopping at Sea

They seemed to pretty much ignore the Internet in my opinion. Their catalogue was an early version of Amazon to me. They did a weak effort at online that wasn't very well thought out it seemed to me.

Maybe they should have tried to poach some Amazon architects.

The fall of a retail icon: why Americans stopped shopping at Sears

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