Go here to see who was on the receiving end of this and why. Hint. It involves developers. And lawyers.

rikki's picture

More good work from Betty

More good work from Betty Bean. Unless I missed something, she was the receiving end of the remark.

So when will these no-longer Commissioners become no-longer BZA appointees? Do we need Tank to roll over them to get them gone?

Did the KCP conflict-of-interest amendment pass with the shrunken-Commission gallstone, or was it part of the other obstruction? If it did pass, will it help keep Commissioners and BZA members from voting on matters in which their attorney represents a stakeholder?

jbr's picture

Novelists tax their minds

Novelists tax their minds prodigiously for a lifetime to fabricate storylines for entertaining creative prose. But here in Knox County they just need to head down to the City-County building and sit, watch, and listen for stories you would find difficult to fabricate on your own.

Nice article by Ms Bean.

Was Moore found to have committed perjury? Does that in itself make him ineligible to serve on BZA or anything else?

Rachel's picture

Somebody really should

Somebody really should compile an anthology of Scoobie quotes.

jbr's picture

We had "Ain't nobody lobbied

We had "Ain't nobody lobbied me, no, heck no," from awhile back.

Rachel's picture

"It buffouns me. It just

"It buffoons me. It just buffoons me."

Sandra Clark's picture

Must be

Must be the 7th District. I remember once when Mary Lou got mad, really mad, and said, "I am just livered."

B Harmon's picture

"Igident" ?

His constant enunciation of the "igident" people just buffoons me.

EconGal's picture

Moore Scoobie-isms for the book

Don't forget the eternally popular "is lie berries more important than roads and bridges?"

Or was that "lye berries?" I has always gotten them there confused.

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