Feb 22 2006
09:26 pm
By: CE Petro  shortURL

I've always liked the "Think Globally, Act Locally" slogan that a lot of people and companies are using now-a-days.  It makes sense and it is a good business strategy.   It also makes good sense, to me anyway, in politics.  There is a consensus on the "Act Locally" part. 

While I generally stick to national issues in this blog, those same issues are just as important, if not more so, at the local level.  And so, I am here to say that locally, my TN state representative has made national and international headlines more than once for some not so wonderful things, which I have personally found quite embarrassing.   He was not, and is not representative of "me".  Luckily for me he has some competition for his seat this election year.  While I was at first only hopeful that someone in the 18th District would run against and win Stacey Campfield's seat, I wasn't holding my breath that there would be someone that actually had progressive ideas that will benefit the majority of TN'eans.  So, when I read Atrios quoting Kos on Monday, it stuck in my mind, knowing that something was coming up.

What was coming up was a meeting with Schree Pettigrew.  After spending nearly an hour and a half talking together this evening, I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised to see such a young progressive person running for this TN House seat, and even more appealing, to me, she's an intelligent woman.  As part of the majority of our population, I am tired of being represented by men (in general) that just do not have the same values or ideals as me.

Definately, do go check out her website.   And if you do get a chance to meet Schree, I know that you too will be pleasantly surprised.



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