Feb 12 2013
07:40 am

KNS: School security officer reprimanded over gun incident

The article doesn't say if they were just goofing around or if it was an actual confrontation because nobody's talking except to say the guy still has a job but was transferred. At any rate, one of the basic rules of gun safety is you only point your gun at a target you intend to shoot. Aren't these school resource officers supposed to have extensive firearms training?

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More of this?

Do we really want more of this? Yearly fire-arms training just doesn't seem to be enough. And quite frankly, all it takes it one mistake, one bad judgement call, to harm someone else, yet this "officer" (and I use the term very loosely) is still in our schools. How can that be?

Who knew we lived in the wild, wild west.

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I see that this incident took place in November 2012, but is only now being reported.

Is it then the policy of KCS to generate a press release when an employee is placed on paid or unpaid leave (Chief Griffin, previously), but not to do so when an employee is reprimanded in way of being transfered (Officer Odom, here)?

If so, that makes for an odd procedure in which the public IS notified when wrongdoing has not yet been confirmed, but IS NOT notified when wrongdoing has been confirmed?!

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Most 12-year old Boy Scouts know better than this. This is Gun Training 101. No, this is Remedial Gun Training basics.

Should have been grounds for immediate termination, no questions asked. This fellow shows no respect for the power of the weapon he carries. He shouldn't be allowed to carry a gun, much less carry a gun in a school around kids.

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Steve, I realize that you and I disagree as to whether more SROs in schools should be a piece for trying to curb gun violence/mass shootings, but on this particular question I agree with you 100%.

This guy broke the cardinal rule and I don't want SROs like this in schools, either.

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Agreed. What is this teaching

Agreed. What is this teaching our children?

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