Apr 30 2011
09:24 am

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The Mrs. found this photo at Springbrook Park in Alcoa yesterday evening, face down in some leaves near the playground. As you can see, it's a little beat up. We wondered if it was carried here from the storm.

Based on the team names and the date printed on the back of the photo, we think it's from a high school girl's basketball game between the Pisgah Alabama Eagles and the North Jackson Chiefs of Stevenson Alabama on January 17, 2009. The photo was printed on Feb. 13, 2009 by Pisgha won the game 63-41.

Pisgah and Stevenson are both in Northeast Alabama's Jackson County near the Tennessee border. According to news reports, Jackson County was hit hard by multiple tornadoes that left eight confirmed dead and massive destruction.

We have a couple of leads based on the young woman's jersey number in the photo and will try to track down who the photo belongs to, and how it ended up in a city park nearly two hundred miles away.

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If this is indeed a photo

If this is indeed a photo caught up in the tornado that stuck Jackson county Alabama. I hope the owner of this photo is physically ok. It is very concerning that for the photo to make it to Springbrook Park, from a home, apartment or business where this picture was kept, it came from a place of massive damage. I hope you are able to get in touch with the owner and that they are alright because this would sure make for an interesting and great feel good story if they are, and should bring a moment of happiness from the seriousness of the aftermath of the storms to their life.

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Here's a facebook page with

Here's a facebook page with found photos from all over TN, GA, AL...


NYT story:


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your link

your link brings it home. I have shed tears looking at the pictures that have been randomly found.

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Every picture tells a story.

Every picture tells a story. There are lots of stories in those photos and the replies. Amazing, and very sad.

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I'm searching for pix of

I'm searching for pix of Lakemoor Hills...

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I spoke at a church in Lenoir

I spoke at a church in Lenoir City tonight. Before the service some kids playing outside brought me a sheet of paper and asked if I had dropped it. It was a 25 yr old cancelend check from a small town in Alabama.

From the looks of it, had to have been deep in someone's files.

Never seen stuff like this. ..

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Randy, Michael Silence

Randy, Michael Silence reported that he was in contact with a newspaper in Jackson County, AL and that they would post the pic the misses found, in the local newspaper.


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Saw that. I've spoken with

Saw that. I've spoken with the mother of one of the players on one of the teams and it wasn't her daughter but she was going to ask her. Her daughter is at U. of A. in Tuscaloosa, which was devastated, but she's OK. The mother's husband works for the electric company and is working 7x24. They didn't have working internet so I couldn't email the photo. A co-worker at the credit union where she works lost a 14 year old son in the storm.

I also have messages to the principals at both schools, and the paper in the home town that covers the two teams.

From what I'm told and reports I'm seeing, though, they have far more serious problems to deal with right now. Most of the area is still without power, there is no fuel getting in, stores are running out of food and supplies because no deliveries are coming in, few restaurants have any food or power. Many schools are closed because they don't have power. And so on.

Anyway, if someone wants to post this on the facebook page linked above that would be great. I don't have a facebook account so I can't.

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