Jan 25 2006
09:47 am

As part of their 50th anniversary celebration, WBIR is running a year-long weekly series covering 50 years of archival footage from their vaults called "Our Stories". (It will be like the history of my life for me, except I was shocked to learn that I am slightly older than WBIR.)

KnoxViews participant Katie Allison Granju is producing the series.

The latest installment was the one I and probably a lot of other people were waiting for: the Cas Walker episode.

Seeing some of that footage brought back a lot of old memories. When I was a kid, one of my favorite things was to get up and watch the Farm and Home Hour on TV with Cas Walker's goofy commercials and all the great music. Later on his "Watchdog" newspaper (which surprisingly wasn't mentioned) was always entertaining in a local Weekly World News sort of way.

I met Cas Walker only one time when he came to our high school to talk to us about business and marketing. The thing I remember most is that his disheveld appearance and hillbilly mannerisms were no accident.

Anyway, video of the segment is online and you can view it here. The transcript is here. Nice work. Check it out.

(I would have enjoyed more Cas and Dolly and less Bill Williams, but man, they have some great old footage and I bet it was hard to decide what to use. There must be enough to do a whole series plus a DVD box set on just Cas.)

OK, then.

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The woman they talked about

The woman they talked about who Cas beat up in the studio was my wife's aunt. According to family legend, she hit Cas first in the jaw, and he flew into a rage because he had just had his wisdom teeth pulled.

Years later, someone wrote about that episode in a book about Dolly Parton. Melissa's aunt sued the publisher, Dolly, Cas, and anyone else she could think of and got a huge settlement out of it.

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That's a pretty cool "rest

That's a pretty cool "rest of the story" and a great "Cas connection."

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Welcome back, Bubba! That

Welcome back, Bubba!

That has a familiar ring; might make a good sitcom title.

WBIR’s look back at Cas brought back memories to all of us who have lived a while here in their viewing area. I remember a friend who used to frequently fly in and out of McGee Tyson in the sixties telling a story of Cas arriving home from a business trip. He said he got off the plane dressed immaculately in an obviously tailored suit. As soon as he came into the terminal, he ducked into a nearby men’s room and emerged in the bumpkin persona he always displayed when at home.

katie allison granju's picture

I should have mentioned his

I should have mentioned his newspaper. Darn. But it's hard to pack 98 years into 2 minutes of TV ;-)

You can watch all our "Our Stories" segments and see cool bonus video we didn't air on TV (including some GREAT Cas Walker clips) at:


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It would be nice if you

It would be nice if you could do a half hour show of these ala the Heartland Series on Saturday night.

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