May 18 2017
08:58 pm

Walking​ out in the yard and glanced over at my 2-3 (3-4?) year old Loblolly pine, about 3 feet tall. All the new growth was missing. Looked closely and red headed sawflies were eating it bare.

I grew it from seed, so they didn't come from a plant nursery. I've never seen this type of infestation. Gross. Sprayed with Sevin. Hopefully I can save it.


bizgrrl's picture

I'm pretty sure the sawflies

I'm pretty sure the sawflies got my Loblolly this year. I didn't check on it for like two days this past summer and when I did all the pine needles were gone! Nothing left to spray. They say when the Loblolly gets about 12 feet tall the sawflies don't bother them. Mines about 4-5 feet now. I'm leaving it up to see if it recovers next spring, but I have my doubts.

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