Apr 23 2019
04:11 pm
By: R. Neal


After all these years we finally got to see Santana. Went over to Nashville to see their show at the Grand Old (new) Opry House last night. It was a blast. Very cool vibes all around.

They opened the two-hour, non-stop, high-energy show with Soul Sacrifice (with video of the iconic Woodstock performance as a backdrop) and closed with Smooth, with lots of hits and some new material in between. All-pro band (including his wife on drums). It was our first time at this venue. Pretty nice. Killer show from start to finish.

Rachel's picture

I didn't know this was

I didn't know this was happening or I might have tired to get Jim to take me. Glad y'all got to see him.

R. Neal's picture

A few more upcoming dates

A few more upcoming dates around the South, plus a Charlotte date in August:


Or, there's always the House of Blues in Las Vegas!

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A religious experience.

A religious experience. Loved every minute,.

The crowd was great. Met a couple who drove from Raleigh. Heard another couple say they drove from the DC area. A woman brought her mother to see Santana, her mother's first concert ever. Rode a shuttle bus to the venue. Randy got us going with The Who's Magic Bus.

The entire band interacted with the audience. Santana let someone strum his guitar. They handed out setlists to a couple of people in the audience. Did fist bumps. Most everyone stood and rocked for a 3rd to half of the show.

Great venue, about 4,000 people. The sound was amazing. Was enjoying it so much didn't realize my ears were buzzing and a little numb after we left.

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We were there!

It was a great show! We went to Dave & Busters after - we should have connected to have drinks!

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Cool! Glad y'all had a good

Cool! Glad y'all had a good time.

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Strobe Lights

Maybe I'm an old fart but the only part I didn't enjoy was the bright strobe lights they kept shining into the audience. Had to watch about half the show with my eyes closed.

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Flashing the audience is an assault

I hate that too, and it doesn't seem eye safe. Certainly not if there are potential seizure sufferers that could be at risk by them.

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