Oct 6 2015
07:22 pm

The Blount Co. Commission agenda committee voted 10 to 5 against considering any of the proposed agenda items (apparently for the the first time ever), effectively killing the plea to God to save Blount County from the gay agenda for now. That doesn't mean it's over, but probably. The Tennessee Equality Project turnout was impressive, with about 200 people there by our estimate. We'll have some photos and videos in a few minutes.

UPDATE: Some photos. Click image for gallery....

UPDATE: We spoke with Tony Webb, former Blount Co. Democratic Party Chair, who just recently got married to his longtime partner. He said they had no problem getting a license from the Blount Co. Clerk, but had to go to Pigeon Forge to get married. He called the chapel there and asked if they had any problem performing a same sex marriage. They said "we don't perform gay or straight marriages. We perform marriages." Anyway, here's what Tony had to say about the resolution:

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Thanks to Tony for being such

Thanks to Tony for being such a good person and representing Blount County in a positive manner.

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Thank you

Pistol Creek Catch of the Day for providing the healing and sanity of music.

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I dunno. They just refused

I dunno. They just refused to discuss ALL the agenda items? Cute trick, but not exactly a profile in courage.

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This is Blount Co. You grade

This is Blount Co. You grade on a curve.

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yes, but...

The commissioners who voted not to accept the agenda sent a clear message...maybe not a rousing defense of same-sex marriage but a clear slapdown to those few who want to make us look like bigots and fools.

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I just wish they'd done it in

I just wish they'd done it in a way that didn't violate the Sunshine Law.

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Mental Health

Miller is yet another example of the need for mental health services in Tennessee. It says a lot that she's an elected official.

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Karen Miller Is A Dominionist Traitor

It is very patently obvious now that Karen Miller is a treasonous Dominionist piece of garbage who should be removed from the office she holds. NO THEOCRACY IN AMERICA!!!

The time has come for good people who care about our secular form of government and the U.S. Constitution to pull together and confront the Dominionists. Recall this theocratic trash!! She should be removed from office. She has violated her oath to protect the Constitution. She has called for its violation!! REMOVE HER!!

Familiarize yourselves with the Dangers of Dominionism! (link...)...

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