Nov 14 2012
12:59 am
By: EricLykins  shortURL

Can the new chair of the Republican Governors Association turn around the Crazy Train?

We’ve also had enough of this dumbed-down conservatism. We need to stop being simplistic, we need to trust the intelligence of the American people and we need to stop insulting the intelligence of the voters.

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Color me "cautiously optimistic."

Rachel's picture

Amazing what the risk of

Amazing what the risk of extinction can do.

Andy Axel's picture

Rush Limbaugh does not

Rush Limbaugh does not approve that message.

EricLykins's picture

We'll see if his tune changes

We'll see if his tune changes from 2.25.09: "the guy is good, folks. Don't throw him overboard."

gonzone's picture

Unless Rush, Grover, and the

Unless Rush, Grover, and the fundies approve it, this means nothing. The crazies run the asylum there.

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