Jan 25 2010
10:03 pm

Pith in the Wind (the Nashville Scene's weblog) was kind enough to point out an enterprise interested in developing public lands around Tennessee State Parks.

Be sure to follow the embedded link to the real estate developer's website, including this tidbit.

There is a tremendous amount of interest in the mountain land surrounding Fall Creek Falls, mostly from people in Florida. Tremendous bluff view, creeks and waterfalls, this scenic rural community is the ideal location for your dream estate, log home, or development investment opportunity.

Our state's public lands legacy - at risk and on the cheap. Do you really want to be looking at the ass end of some lot-hogging bluff-top mini mansion when you go to visit Fall Creek Falls?

Call Governor Bredesen's office and ask him to be sure to restore the land conservation fund in the upcoming budget.

jbr's picture

We would be shooting

We would be shooting ourselves in the foot. Keeping that land for out of state visitors instead of selling off and having to provide community services seems much more preferable.

They should tap tdot funds for the general fund just like they do other sources in the state budget.

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