Sep 27 2012
12:08 pm

Gene Patterson with a tweet and a photo.

ALSO: Local Democrats protest (photo)...

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Gene doesn't realize he's in a red state

Nothing Gene can report or nothing he can broadcast will have any effect on the November presidential vote in early voting or in November in Tennessee.

If I were a national candidate for office stopping off to pick up a check from Big Jim Haslam, it wouldn't bother talking to local media either, nothing to be gained by yukking it up with Geno or any of the other cornballs at the Channel 10 or the Knocksville News Sentinel.

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GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan raises $1 M at Knoxville

That is $1 million that could have really helped some people.

Ryan's theme throughout the 15-minute speech...

GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan raises $1 M at Knoxville fundraiser

Giving the middle finger to the middle class, 15 minutes at a time

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Howz about another JayZ event, perhaps another West Village $40000-a-plate event w/ Jessica ?

AC's picture

Now THAT sounds like a good

Now THAT sounds like a good time....!!!

Bbeanster's picture

What's the matter, has

What's the matter, has Sheldon Aldelson drawn the line at $100 million?

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From the KNS link

Ryan's theme throughout the 15-minute speech was that voters have a choice between personal liberties and smaller government offered by the Romney-Ryan team — or bigger government and fewer liberties offered by the Democrats.

He said the Romney-Ryan ticket stresses the American system of freedom and free enterprise, while President Obama practices a different government and sees its role as establishing new government-defined rights.

I hope Rolls and Royce spend the rest of the campaign in deep red states explaining to groups of hundreds what Obama really believes.

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Personal Liberties

Would those personal liberties include a workers right to organize and strike to achieve better working and economic conditions or does that only apply to referees when the Packers lose?

Ironic, isn't it, that he supports the refs and not the teachers?

rikki's picture


It was startling how infrequently the word "union" was uttered in the plethora of stories about the referees. I listened to story after story on channel after channel waiting to hear what the referees were striking for, where the sides disagreed, what was being negotiated, but all I heard was how bad the replacements sucked.

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The refs weren't striking.

The refs weren't striking. They were locked out.

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Good point. I'm watching with bated breath to see what Goodall's offer is.

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And now you've noticed

How the George's of the world operate.

Americans want great teachers. We just don't want to pay them what great teachers earn. We don't want to provide them with the working conditions great teachers need to practice their craft. And we don't want to provide the children attending schools with the basic nutrition and supplies necessary for them to be successful students. We don't want unions because the Corkers and Duncans say unions bad, but we don't not want them because, well, non-union employees at important jobs generally suck.

If you don't have the self respect required to join a professional organization and stand up for yourself and your co-workers, why would we think you'd be able to teach our kids to be anything beyond a slacker?

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Hear, hear!

You can't see me, but I'm standing and applauding.

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So much little time...

First, regarding Ryan's promise that they will give Americans more "personal liberties" and less Government... is a JOKE. The Ryan budget takes away rights and freedoms from just about every demographic...women and children,(the right to decide about their health care) Seniors (the Right to VOTE without a birth certificate or proof of one's identity...the same one he or she has had for 50 plus years), the right to join a union and gain safety and security on the job.
And the Haslams do KNOW every word in their GOP Platform and the details of this Draconiam, 15th century ...including the part where women, like their wives and daughters would be forced to carry and deliver fetuses from crazed criminal rapists...and that college funding will be cut to the bone or that jobs for Veterans were not passed by this Congress...including the NO votes of Alexandra, Corker and those other GOP/TEA seat fillers who showed up to this circus yesterday. And we, the 'other side' were well represented at the protests, in more than one group. Thankfully, the RR team hasn't figured out how to stop our Right to Freedom of speech.

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