Jun 1 2020
05:03 pm

From the New York Times,

After going for groceries about a mile from our house and feeling stared at for wearing a mask, I took a jaunt to liberal West Knoxville, about a half-hour away. It was my first experience seeing employees wiping down carts and counting heads. Everyone in the store was wearing a mask. I anticipated a copacetic crowd there. What I didn’t expect was to break down crying beside the avocados. The reality of being in a mask-wearing crowd, the validation of the need for masks, being accepted with like-minded shoppers were a relief and a terror to me. Evidently the reality had elbow room to move around inside me when I let down my defenses.”

Susan O’Dell Underwood
Jefferson City, Tenn.

R. Neal's picture

Bet she was at Publix.

Bet she was at Publix.

Factchecker's picture

or Whole Paycheck. I've heard

or Whole Paycheck. I've heard Costco and Trader Joe's are on the right program, but I don't care for Costco and I can't wrap my head around TJ's not being a zoo of ppl.

I don't think many locals would call WeKno "liberal." Somewhat better educated and more affluent, perhaps. Whatever that implies.

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I don't think many locals

I don't think many locals would call WeKno "liberal."

Lol. Thought the same thing. Then I thought, maybe compared to Jefferson Co.

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We live in the Corryton/Halls

We live in the Corryton/Halls area and are forced to go miles away to get groceries or do anything that gives us any sense of safety or that people are even aware there is a pandemic. Many people in our community do not take special precautions to remain safe and healthy or to be considerate of others health and safety. We love where we live on 10 peaceful isolated acres, but the attitude of many in rural Knox County is absolutely selfish and mindless when it comes to protecting their safety and the safety of others. This is frustrating to watch and it is a terrible example that leads others to be unsafe. Trying to show your independence and toughness does not have to mean being stupid! Following established safety rules and listening to medical professionals can save lives. Our government leaders should lead by example.

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Follow the leader

They are following their county government leader. Sad.

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Yeah they are.

Right to the gates of hell.

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