Jun 14 2017
07:15 am

One of the last things a business would do is fail to send out invoices. It appears Tennessee has done just that.

The Mrs. was wondering the other day why we hadn't received our vehicle registration renewal notices. (She went ahead and renewed online, just to be safe.)

According to the Chattanoogan, the county clerk down there was "informed by the state office, which prepares and mails the reminders, that they have experienced a temporary equipment breakdown in their mailroom."

Tip: Might want to check your registration renewal date and renew online if you haven't received a timely notice.

bizgrrl's picture

We should have received our

We should have received our notices in early May at the latest. How long will this temporary problem continue?

trobinson's picture

That's funny

My brother (ex deputy so he reflexively looks at them) told me a couple months ago that my registration was a few months out of date. I've always received mailed registration so I hadn't noticed. I guess this is why.

Is this how you run govment as a bidness?

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