Dec 4 2007
09:24 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Michael Silence says he "just heard" the "rumor of the morning" that Lloyd C. Daugherty (R) is "considering a bid" for County Commission. He says "if true", it could spice things up.

According to the Knox County Election Commission list of candidates, Daugherty picked up his petition for seat 6-A last Friday (11/30). Rebecca Ferrar reported on it in Sunday's Knoxville News Sentinel, with quotes from Daugherty.

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And I interviewed Lloyd on Friday and included the announcement in Monday's Shopper-News. -- s.

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I thought I saw that in the

I thought I saw that in the Shopper, but didn't see it in your or Betty's column.

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I think it's tucked into the

I think it's tucked into the Page 5 blurb about Sharon Cawood not running. Not pulled out for my column online. -- s.

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A Voice of Common Sense and Rational Thinking

Does he have a treasurer named yet, I need to send money?

Is Kelvin the campaign manager or has he been raptured to the Fred campaign for President?

He is more than qualified and has a sense of what local government should be involved in and perhaps more importantly, what local government should not be involved in.

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A Voice of Common Sense and

A Voice of Common Sense and Rational Thinking

Heh. Good one.

You can check the list I linked to and it will be updated when he returns his petition and has appointed a treasurer.

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But reporting is so much

But reporting is so much hard work compared to what you just hear at smoke break.

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If Daugherty runs...it's on! I want to set up the snack bar on the sideline!

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