Being sworn in right now. Developing...

Wade Munday elected Treasurer...

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Well, as predicted, then.

Well, as predicted, then.

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I would like to know how our Exec Board Members voted.

If Senator Herron does not make a positive statement on supporting gun control legislation or state that he will change his attitude on the legal right of women and girls to decide their own medical decisions, I will not be able to accept him as a Leader. Period.

From what I have read about his voting record and previous positions on social and economic issues, I guess he is an example of what someone on this blog considers a "conservative Democrat". To me that is an oxymoron.

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New State Chair

We will see, but by getting in because he's in the good 'ol'boys network, the party will regress.

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Maryprez, here you go

Thanks to Kathy Chambers for the breakdown:

UPDATE: Thanks to Brandon Puttbrese for the corrections:
Sen. Lowe Finney, Senate Caucus: Garrison
Rep. Mike Turner, House Caucus: Garrison
Jimmie Sue Staton, Tennessee Federation of Dem Women: Herron
Sean Braisted, Young Dems: Garrison
Jennifer Baldwin, Tennessee Federation of College Dems: Garrison
Todd Sharp, Tennessee County Chairs: Garrison

Executive Committee members by Senate District (one man, one woman):
1: Marjorie Ramsey, Herron
Mike Hampton, Herron
2: Linda Dotson, Herron
Bruce Dotson, GARRISON
3: Pamela Harris, ABSENT
Michael Lane, HERRON
4: Dr. Joyce Hopson, Garrison
Bill Howerton, Herron
5: Dixie Damm, Garrison
Hal Dawson, Garrison
6: Sylvia Woods, Garrison
Harold Woods, Garrison
7: Gayle Alley, PASS
Bill Owen, Herron
8: Barbara Wagner, Garrison
Dan Lawson, Herron
9: Sally Love, Herron
Jim Bilbo: Herron
10: Chantelle Roberson,
Chris Anderson: Absent
11: Sandy Lusk, Herron
Terry Lee, Garrison
12: Martha Wiley, Herron
Brad Parrish, Herron
13: Brenda Ables, Herron
Guy Derryberry, Garrison
14: Betty Fraley, Herron
Paul Davis, Herron
15: Dr. Geeta McMillian,
Dennis Gregg, Herron
16: Kristen Cullen, RESIGNED,
not replaced
Mark Farrar, Garrison
17: Mary Patterson, Garrison
David Harper, PASS
18: Jeanette Jackson, Herron
Bill Bassett, Herron
19: Inez Crutchfield, HERRON
Jerry Maynard, Garrison
20: Angelia Cannon, Herron
David Briley, Garrison
21: Doris Medlin, Garrison
Will Cheek, Herron
22: Kimberlee Smith, Herron
Keith Jackson, Garrison
23: Elisa Parker, Herron
Jonathan Faill, Herron
24: Paige Burcham, Herron
Toney Campbell, Herron
25: Martha Shepard, Herron
Richard Dunavant, Herron
26: Diane Davis, Absent
Mike Kiddy, Herron
27: Patsy Johnson, Garrison
Don Farmer, Garrison
28: Gale Carson Jones,
J.M. Bailey, Garrison
29: Joyce Adams, Garrison
Henry Hooper, Herron
30: Maura Sullivan, Herron
Kevin Gallagher, Herron
31: Adrienne Pakis-Gillion,
Dwayne Thompson, Herron
32: Gladys Crain, Herron
Bobby Sproles, Herron
33: Hazel Moore, Herron
Sidney Chism, Herron

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My read is that this was the

My read is that this was the Anybody but the one who has the Chip Forrester stink on them election. Now the Executive Committee is tasked with putting together a Progressive platform to position TCDEMS as an alternative to Republicans. That shouldn't be that hard if there's some courage out there.

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Agreed, for the most part.

Agreed, for the most part. Whatever Herron and the EC are going to do, they're going to need help from progressives to do it. If what we have is another divided party for the next two years, what difference does it make who got elected. Garrison needs to stay involved, as do the more progressive members of the EC. Herron needs someone he can learn to trust who can articulate progressive positions. That person needs to be the person who can be a liaison to progressives across the state, since few, if any of them, trust Herron. Could it be Garrison? I don't know. Cohen? Rogero? Somebody needs to step up and say, "I did't support you, I don't agree with your positions on many things, but we're both Democrats and I want to do what's best for Tennessee Democrats, so here's what I'm going to do." I think Madeline Rogero would be great at this. She's smart, progressive, an activist, local legislator, first woman mayor in Knoxville history, etc. If Herron knows what he's doing, that's one of the first calls he makes . . . tomorrow.

Maybe we'll not have that Nashville-centric business going on for the next two years. There are Democrats outside of Middle Tennessee. Reaching out to an ET mayor would be a good move, and hopefully Madeline would get on-board. Plus, that would allow her to broaden her base of support across the state, if she ever decided to run for a statewide office. She's certainly young enough to be a two-term mayor and run for statewide office in 2020. To which, she may say, "Don, are you an idiot? Are you kidding? I'm not the least bit interested."

It's a thought.

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Herron needs someone he can

Herron needs someone he can learn to trust who can articulate progressive positions.

Huh? I thought Democrats were supposed to be the progressive voice of the state and national party. The new state party chairman needs lessons on being progressive? He can't articulate progressive positions on his own?

Somebody needs to step up and say, "I did't support you, I don't agree with your positions on many things, but we're both Democrats and I want to do what's best for Tennessee Democrats, so here's what I'm going to do."

Actually, someone should have stepped up and said "you're not a Democrat. Go join the TNGOP."

And please, don't drag Madeline Rogero into this by speculating about what she might or might not think. She can speak for herself, if and when she wants to. Furthermore, she's a real Democrat with principles. She got elected on a progressive platform, against a bunch of GOP and GOP-lite candidates. Why would she want to compromise her values now? I'm sure she will support the party in any way she can, but she's in a non-partisan post and doesn't need anyone muddying the waters.

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No, Randy, it's not like you

No, Randy, it's not like you to twist what I say.

Can Herron "articulate progressive issues?" Of course, he can. Will progressives buy it when he does, of course not. They don't trust him. He needs help mending fences with those who opposed him and who do not think he can lay his past positions aside for the sake of getting things back on track. It's all about what's good for the party as a whole, not any certain faction.

Just because you're a Democrat doesn't mean you are necessarily liberal. Herron is certainly not that and never claimed to be. As a result, the left, especially the hard left, doesn't trust him. But he's the guy now and will be for two years, and he has to do something to pull the party back together from the catastrophe that it presently is. He can't do that without the help of the left. And he can't do that without the help of someone respected by the left and that's someone like Madeline.

And you're right, Madeline can speak for herself. I've known her for 25 years and yes, she's a real Democrat. And to suggest I;'m muddying the waters for her by saying how terrific she is, how smart she is, etc. is just plain absurd. No one's asking her to compromise anything. I'm suggesting that she's a powerful voice for progressive Democrats and can help turn the tide for Democrats across this state by being part of the solution to this woeful problem.

From what I've read, the hard-left has basically decided that they aren't going to have anything to do with Herron's efforts to pull the party back together. They're going to sit on sidelines and watch the GOP widen its majorities, stifling any Democrat resistance. He's on his own. Yeah, that's the way to do it. That's in the best interest of the party as a whole. Here we go again. A splintered party, while the GOP laughs at us, realizing we're doing all of it's work by ourselves.

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From what I've read, the

From what I've read, the hard-left has basically decided that they aren't going to have anything to do with Herron's efforts to pull the party back together.

The hard left. There it is again.

Who are they? People like Mike Turner? Lowe Finney?

A few random bloggers like Steve Ross, Ilissa Gold, Steve Steffens?

Just because you're a Democrat doesn't mean you are necessarily liberal.

And if you are a liberal, you have to content yourself with being told that there is no political home for you in this state. Well, you can give your money to the TN Democratic Party, just don't have any expectations of fielding candidates that you agree with. I've heard this pitch before.

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Until everyone -

Until everyone - left-leaning, moderate, and conservative Democrats - realizes that (1) there is only one party that can represent your interests which has a glimmer of a chance of winning any election; (2) the "us" is Democrats, the "them" is Republicans, not moderates, conservativespor progressives; and (3) we all get in to this boat together or we all sink separately, the Democratic Party will be have no hope of being anything but irrelevant in most of the state, particularly ET.

The GOP characterized me as a liberal when I ran for office a couple of years ago, correctly pointing out that one of my political inspirations was Ted Kennedy. My family was dirt poor when I was young. My grandfather was a coal miner. My dad was a WWII Navy vet who was 100% disabled during the war. But he and my mom, born in Pound, VA, raised 6 kids and did a good job of it. The New Deal and the Great Society allowed us to survive. My liberal leanings were not molded into me in some school, a library, or a book, I learned to appreciate what it meant to have someone in the White House who would do something to help poverty-stricken families and veterans. So, I'm about as liberal as anyone on this blog, and you better believe I want a Democrat to represent me in the State Senate, in the State House, in the Governor's office, and DC.

Am I content with Tennessee Democrats? I wasn't content with them when they were in power, Bredesen, McWherter or Blanton. But the alternatives were Alexander or Dunn, and now the worst of them all, Haslam. Nothing would please me more for a candidate who would score 100% on my issues report card to have even a slim chance of winning in Tennessee in a state wide race. But we're nowhere close to being there. I thought we were headed in that direction in 2006, and then I watched what the Corker campaign did to HF Jr. and I was stirred awake from that dream.

I hate the cliche, but we're going to have to crawl before walk, here. We have to start winning elections, and if the way to do that is by running candidates who I agree with on 50% of the issues, well, that's what we have to do, at least until we can produce some gains instead of these mounting losses. Democrats must get competitive again, and right now, that's going to mean most of us, if not all of us, are going to have to sacrifice. But until the left and the middle can learn to play together as a team, we have no chance at all of even causing the right any concern, much less regaining control.

And to those who say, hey, I'll just sit out this state and local stuff and keep my eye on Washington, or ahead to 2016, for what? Barack Obama got 40% of the vote. That's just 5% more than Mark Clayton got against Corker. All politics is local. We're a long way away from giving any Democrat Tennessee's 11 electoral votes. So, the only hope for now and for the future, is to get the Dems on the right track and start pecking away at the GOP any way we can.

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That's a whole lot of words

That's a whole lot of words for saying "I'm not going to answer your question."

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Hmmm, I thought it was

Hmmm, I thought it was rhetorical.

Turner is for Turner, and Finney is for Finney. Neither's actions appear to verify their integrity, only to question it. Over the past two weeks, I've read hundreds of comments on progressive blogs all across the state indicating that if Herron won, they'd not be involved in his tenure. For example, I read a comment just yesterday from a Knoxville progressive who just happens to be on the local party's Executive Committee, who said she's not going to do anything to aid Herron. Several Executive Committee members who were interviewed after the vote basically stated that they wished Herron "good luck," but they didn't agree with his ideas and didn't plan on helping him carry them out.

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Well, given that a handful of

Well, given that a handful of far-left hippie liberals have supposedly ruined the party and driven off all the wealthy and influential moderates and conservatives, we can presumably expect those same wealthy and influential moderates and conservatives to rush in and fill the void left by the handful of spurned far-left hippie liberals disengaging from the party, right? So, no worries.

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hard left, hard left

Keep reading this phrase. Please define.

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Didn't you know? Chip

Didn't you know? Instead of modernizing the state's pathetic IT infrastructure from the age of the coffee-stained index card file, Chip Forrester hosted hasish sessions and held drum circles, and things just fell apart when the hippies couldn't get all the Kenyan Muslim Obama supporting kids to take off their Free Mumia sweaters and put on the field-standard Che Guevara t-shirts.

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Sounds like that

Sounds like that coffee-stained index card file needs to located . . . quickly.

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Yeah, you go do that. It's

Yeah, you go do that.

It's full of dead people, duplicates, people who've long since moved, inaccurate contact info, disconnected phone numbers, etc.

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And just think, we were

And just think, we were actually electing Democrats with that system. The technology-savvy Forrester regime did a bang up job with all of that tech from '09-'13, huh? Give me a break. This notion that Forrester brought the party into the 21st century is ridiculous. Sorry, but to paraphrase Jefferson, I will not be clouded by the bogus feats of a man whose history, from the moment at which Tennessee Democrats stooped to notice him, is a tissue of machinations against the very Party which not only has received and given him bread, but heaped its honors on his head.

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And just think, we were

And just think, we were actually electing Democrats with that system.

Up until about... oh, the year 1996. Last time a Democrat was elected to statewide office other than governor was 1990, speaking of "tissues of machinations."

But feel free to pretend that the real! issue! is Chip Forrester.

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Sure, it's not much different

Sure, it's not much different than far left, as "hard left" is a name often given to the internal liberal tendency within any political party in many European countries. Here, it has been used when referring to the extreme left wing of the US political spectrum, or, the "far left wing" of the Democratic Party.

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That's a circular

That's a circular definition.

Just what constitutes the "far left wing" of the Democratic party (honestly, I didn't know there still WAS one)?

Philosophy? Platform? People?

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Rachel: I don't know, this is


I don't know, this is a pointless exercise. This shuffle just disguises the simple fact, which is thus:

You're just supposed to know! You know one when you see one!

This is the same way, by the way, that you can discern a gun-toting, Bible-thumping, pro-forced-childbirth Democrat from a gun-toting, Bible-thumping, pro-forced-childbirth Republican. You just know!

Y'all need to hand out some glasses for those of us who can't see this difference right away, especially for people like the new arrivals to the state from California and the like (all those astute, educated, high-paid and liberally inclined people from Nissan and VW, for example). They're bound to get confused when someone says that a Democrat in this state is somewhere to the right of Arnold Schwarzenegger and that it'll probably be another 10 terms before a Democratic woman is ever elected to the Senate from here (much as I'd like to see Ashley Judd running here, she's not Herron's sort of Democrat, even though her candidacy would inject some needed life into the proceedings... guess she's going to run in Kentucky if at all, they actually want her up there).

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Andy, I understand perfectly.


I understand perfectly. I can hear dog whistles of all types. I'm just enjoying messin' with him.

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An old friend of mine who is

An old friend of mine who is a former exec comm member is excited that Herron is on board. He says that Herron will listen to the real Democrats and will bring every one together. I am far from convinced.

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Don, I gotta say I strongly agree with both Randy's points.

Democrat = Progressive, period.

And Madeline has already taken a bit of flak for having aligned with our Nashville and Memphis mayors to publicly support Garrison.

I suspect that her willingness to do so speaks to the strength of her conviction that Herron was a bad idea.

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So much opportunity for the

So much opportunity for the Democrats, such a misuse of time and energy focusing on EACH OTHER and your own party.

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So why is it you don't hang with your own peeps, AO?

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Like I've said, I've voted

Like I've said, I've voted for Democrats as well as Republicans. I think it works out best when each party puts their best out there.

Right now, I think a lot of Republicans are still in denial from November, and quite frankly, no one has asked for my advice on what to do.

Of course, no one asked for it here either, lol.

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Thank you, Randy

It's nice to know I am not alone in my feelings. Once again, liberals are told to shut up and do as we're told. How is it that the Caucuses were ignored, as wll as most of the activists in the state.

As I said, I totally get that people in East and West wanted the 440 Loop crowd out, I understand that. But ROY?? Why should anyone under the age of 60 get involved now? This told people of color, LGBT folks, people who aren't centrist but LIBERAL to go piss up a rope.

They are going to have to reach out to US if they want our help.

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Good Move

Herron will rebuild the Democratic Party in Tennessee if he can over come the "litmus test" element of the party that has just about killed the party in Tennessee.

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I hope those who were pushed

I hope those who were pushed out through formal processes and through other means will be reconsidered by this new leadership. I am thrilled Wade Munday will be involved as well. The viciousness of chip and his cronies was disgusting and reprehensible.

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Purity or Productivity?

"We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately."
-Benjamin Franklin, 1776

Redeye Post: I woke up and can't get back to sleep, btw.

The litmus test for me is the degree to which the State Party, under the chair's direction, supports our Democratic candidates in the general elections.

Evelyn, Anthony, Jerome, and myself were supported locally more or less, but barely so (and that's a politely generous description) by the Nashville Top Dogs. I include this area's State Executive Committee members amongst the former, with a few exceptions.

That was my impression, though I can only speak for myself.

Democratic Party Officers should be judged based on this standard first and foremost: supporting Democrats who are plucky enough (or naive enough) to run for elected office in ET.

For me, the bigger problem was with the 'connected' Democrats around here. Most of them avoided me like I was a leper. I guess being seen supporting a challenger to the House of Duncan was not in their best interests...much safer to back Stewart or Headrick even though they weren't running in Knox County.

Then again, the MetroPulse's editorial staff did not consider me a true "liberal voice", so what do I know...

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Hit the nail on the head.


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Vote Rundown Correction

Inez Vrutchfield voted for Herron; she did not pass. Only two members passed.

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And one of those who passed

And one of those who passed was from Knox County.

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The "Progressives" in this state are going have to get over the opinion if a person is not as "liberal" as them, then they are not a Democrat. There are conservative Democrats in this state. In fact, if election results are any indication, more than liberal Democrats. The two groups are going to have to learn to work together if the party is going to survive. I have said many times and I will repeat, the party is going to have to become again an all inclusive party without demanding a litmus test.

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Labeling us and forcing us into YOUR defined groups...

Is not helpful, just divisive.
I had no idea the extent of the right-wing 'values' that Roy Herron hid...until I got his voting record LAST WEEK. He always gave great impress us 'liberals', progressives, centrists, moderates, etc. But he was really voting like a right-wing GOP/TEA. Why should WE work to get this NRA State Board member to lighten up and change all his opinions so he can get us to 'work with him'? This is just a pipe dream.
The fact is that there are hundreds here who are friggin' amazed to learn that they are not the ONLY Democrats in East Tennessee. This is the response I get from folks I have talked to since 2008 when they rarely heard of any support for our President, then or in the last 4 years.
Roy Herron will have to work 24/7 to convince the majority of real Democrats that he will work to elect our DEM candidates across this State.
I looked at the list of how the EC members voted...most who chose Garrison were young...activists, young professionals and college students who wanted to be proud of our Party and work for change.
And Troy is correct. There was almost NO TNDP support for ANY local, State or US DEM candidates in the last 3 state-wide elections...not money, endorsements, fundraisers, NOTHING. Our great, qualified candidates like Dr. Headrick, Randy Walker, and Troy...were ignored. Meanwhile, the TEAs were given unlimited money, local GOP millionaires held fundraisers for slugs like DesJarlais and Campfield and money won.
I am going to wait and see. We need strong Democrats in the TNDP who will stand up and fight and call out losers like Stacey and Joe Carr...and criticize slugs like Curry Todd the drunk with a gun or wife abuser (with a gun) David Hawk. We must hold them to at least a minimum standard of behavior. We need to demand that these seat fillers be censured, fined, and put on probation.
We Democrats must make it plain AT THE STATE LEVEL that we do not accept the TEAs' definition of 'moral values'. Otherwise, our Party will just be another version of the GOP/TEA Party that runs this State.

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I find it interesting that

I find it interesting that now that Forrester is gone and you folks didn't get who you wanted as chair, i.e, your position is the reverse of what it was 4 years ago, you're ready to take your toys and go home.

And while Herron's record certainly has its blemishes, it also has redeeming qualities, ignored by you and others in the Garrison camp. For instance, I posted this list on another discussion, but it's equally relevant here. Herron also voted :

1. against increasing eligibility requirements for the HOPE Scholarship,

2. against Haslam's voter ID law,

3. against increasing contribution limits to campaigns,

4. against a bill that prohibits public elementary and middle schools from providing any instruction or material that discusses sexual orientation other than heterosexuality,

5. against a bill that repeals the Education Professional Negotiations Act, and prohibits any local board of education from negotiating with a professional employees' organization or teachers' union concerning the terms or conditions of professional service,

6. against a bill that implements a performance requirement for teacher tenure, and

7. against a bill to adopt an amendment that limits the amount of money a plaintiff can be awarded in a “medical malpractice lawsuit.

Hmmm. Doesn't sound like a right-wing GOP/Tea Partier to me.

Exactly who is a "real Democrat" anyway? How do you measure that? I'm quite certain many, if not all, who supported and support Herron would be proud to call themselves real Democrats and they, like me, have the actual credentials to prove it, going back 30+ years.

As far as TNDP support of local candidates over the past 4 years, that was on Forrester's watch. So, thank you for making that useful point. But many a candidate over the past 100 years has been lured to run by the State Party and the House or Senate Caucus only to be abandoned once placed on the ballot. And as far as I know, that wasn't Herron's responsibility.

As I said in that other discussion, ideological purity doesn't win elections. Loyalty and unity do. As Democrats, we will never agree with each other on every position, and that's okay. For us to succeed, everyone who champions Democrat causes needs to be willing to compromise on an overarching agenda for the Democratic Party as a whole. We can’t conveniently abandon the Party or its candidates whenever we want and expect no repercussions to result.

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Knoxrebel's comments are

Knoxrebel's comments are well-considered and good common sense. Like him, I am as liberal as I suppose anyone could possibly be, but I am intereestd in winning elections for Democrats. The opinions of the chair just don't matter; the actions of the chair in helping elect Democratic nominees do matter. I have no concerns about Herron's ability or willingness to do that.

The faction who say they won't help Herron no matter what were the very first to bitch and complain that certain Democrats refused to help Chip. Forrester himself said at the meeting Saturday that he erred in not having their support and could have doubled his fundraising if he had. What a binch of hypocrites.

Sylvia Woods and the East Nashville activists and the arrogant Sean Braisted, all of whom are acting like 10 year olds -- and whose candidate led us into unparalleled disaster for the past four years -- are no better than the 100-percent-or-nothing teabaggers who say that any Republican who doesn't accpet all of their positions all of the time are "RINOs."

I am for absolute abortion rights, gay marriage and protected class status for sexual orientation, banning assault weapons, pro-affirmative action, single payer health insurance, a fast path to citizenship for immigrants, getting th hell out of Afghanistan and shutting down a big portion of our overseas bases, the strongest possible union protections, investment in public schools. And I also would bust my ass to get the conservative Lincoln Davis to replace Scott Desjarlais. Show some sense, people.

The enemy is the racist, homophobic, screw-the-poor, corporate-boot-licking GOP. Not Democrats who haven't towed your specific line 100 percent of the time. There are not enough of us to be fighting, and Herron needs and deserves the support of every Democrat in this state.

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Dang, you are making too much

Dang, you are making too much sense. It would be good if Democrats followed your advice. They would do well to remember "The perfect is the enemy of the good."

Underthebusdem's picture

The coalition of EC members

The coalition of EC members that voted for Herron was a cross section of people from inner city Memphis to rural East Tennessee and they represented a true cross-section of Tennessee.

Harold and Sylvia Woods can't control everything, Mary, and this vote is a reflection of EC members, including recently elected and extremely liberal people who strongly worked for and were delegates for Obama, but who found themselves as elected committee members effectively blocked, stalled, shut down, and shut out by Chip Forrester, his unelected minions, and cronies.

I wish that the TNDP had a stronger party that may have yielded other candidates for party chair. But, my interactions with Herron have always been respectful and he has my support as TNDP Chair. I cannot say that of Chip or Chip's chosen ones. I am relieved Garrison lost and hopeful that Chip and his people and his brand of divisive, malicious, and disgusting inner-party politics and personal attacks is done and gone from the TNDP.

I am hopeful that Roy Herron will use some of his home grown politics and home grown political skills to stop the bleeding of voters and work on stabilizing this party, which means including everyone, not just recent Obama supporters!

I continue to be perplexed by your persistence and insistence in including Randy Walker in your realm of liberal Democrat and why you believe that Randy Walker received no support. Randy had a breathtaking fundraising operation. Randy Walker fits no such label of unsupported liberal Democrat. Randy purposely separated himself from the party to give himself the opportunity to define himself and his campaign to the voters. Randy received better access to votebuilder and other campaign tools than most of his counterparts did. And, the last TNDP event and grassroots training I went to included a panel of legislators that espoused tremendous support for Randy. It is highly unusual for such rhetoric for a losing state senate candidate to be heard more than a year after their race. There were issues with Randy's race that were outside the scope of the TNDP. But, to imply that Randy was without "support," which in politics means lacking key supporters and financing, is completely preposterous!

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not express my enthusiasm for Wade Munday. Wade Munday is a great person, skilled political staffer, knowledgeable person of public policy, intimately familiar with Tennesseans and Tennessee politics, a great communicator, and, most importantly, a generally kind person. Wade Munday is a fantastic asset to this party and I wish him congratulations in his new role with the TNDP!

W. TN Democrat's picture


Much of this and other discussions center upon which candidate is more liberal or conservative and who better supports certain issues. The TNDP Chair's job is not to promote ideology but to advance the Democratic Party.

I think many of the members felt that someone who had been in public office, from a rural TN county, and that had a more personal (and yes backslapping style) could do better than a low key political operative from Illinois.

While technology has changed a lot of the political game, it's still one that requires the personal touch. It's also one where you deal with lots of big egos. I for one think that the humble, country boy approach of Herron will be more effective than brash style that Chip has displayed over the past 4 years.

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Enough with lurking, here's my two cents.

My name is Sandy Lusk or Sandy on Signal in the blogoshphere. I'm on the Executive Committee for District 11 and just recently elected to be East Tennessee regional Vice Chairwoman for the TNDP. Mike Hampton is my counter part, he lives up in Erwin, Tennessee and I live down in the Chattanooga area - Signal Mountain; hence, my name Sandy on Signal.

I am a peace loving, pro-choice, special needs mom and yellow dog Democrat. I voted for Roy Herron. It was an easy decision for me because we have got to win elections all over Tennessee not just in the blue pockets. Some of the comments suggested we concentrate on only urban areas and neglect the rural. Do you all remember John Kerry's disastrous 2004 run? They only cared about the battleground states and blue areas, when the election was over, we had the whole country except for the two coasts painted red. Howard Dean appealed to me because of the 50 state strategy, well, how about we try a 95 county strategy in Tennessee?

Democrats have to start winning elections in the legislature. There is no one to stop the crazy bills we are seeing come forward from the GOP. Just last week, Rep. Campfield put forth a bill that if needy children receiving state assistance don't make acceptable grades, they would lose their assistance. Many poor children have undiagnosed learning disabilities, many have problems in home life or foster care, is this how we want to treat them? Who will stop this? It won't be Republicans to look after the "least among us". These are not progressive or liberal issues that are threatened, these are issues about basic humanity and decency.

If we don't start working all the areas and relating to all, most Tennesseans will suffer. There will be no one for the poor, middle class, labor, teachers, children, public schools, scientists, environmentalists, gays, muslims and women. We face more than just single issues right now. Our beautiful environment, clean air and water are all being destroyed by the Republicans and their help for the polluters. The only way we can fight them is to win elections and this needs to be across the state. Roy Herron knows how to win elections and he knows how to resonate with the rural areas in Tennessee. Let's help him out and build a better Democratic Party in Tennessee.

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Sandy, welcome, and thanks

Sandy, welcome, and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with the folks on this blog. Thanks for the yellow dog reference. It made me recall that one of the first lines in my dad's obituary was: "He was a Yellow Dog Democrat." He died in '01 and is probably rolling in his grave over the results of the last few state elections. But I'm hopeful that things are going to get better. Maybe not next month. Or even next year. But we have to rebuild this Party from the ground up, not from the top down, and that means county-by-county, all across the state. And we need every Democrat to come along for the ride, no matter where you might fall on the political spectrum.

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how about we try a 95 county

how about we try a 95 county strategy in Tennessee?

Agree with that.

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Me too, and with everything

Me too, and with everything else she said.

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