Nov 8 2012
12:33 pm

From the New York Times: Rove’s On-Air Rebuttal of Fox’s Ohio Vote Call Raises Questions About His Role

The times discussed Rove's many overlapping roles. They don't quite get to the question that this description prompted for me:

"It was 11:13 p.m. on Tuesday, the moment that Fox News had called Ohio for President Obama. Karl Rove stood just off camera, his phone glued to his ear. On the other end was a senior Romney campaign official who insisted that the network had blown the call."

Rove is chairman of one of the largest SuperPACs involved in the election. As we all know, the Supreme Court has taken the lid off of these kinds of organizations, allowing unlimited contributions and spending. They seemingly left only one rule in place: a SuperPAC cannot coordinate with the official campaign. We all know there's a wink and another wink that goes along with that rule, but I have to ask: What was the Chair of Crossroads GPS and American Crossroads SuperPACs doing on the phone with a top Romney campaign official on election night, trying to influence the reporting of a major media outlet? Is this not clear evidence of a flagrant disregard for the one rule?

Everyone has been so focused on the hilarity of the scene that ensued, I think the importance of that moment has been missed. Right there at that moment was the embodiment of the ongoing collusion of all those organizations. This deserves more attention.

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There should be consequences.

There should be consequences. But as we've seen time and again there are no consequences for these people. Except maybe the occasional but still too rare election outcome.

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Those "no coordinating" rules

Those "no coordinating" rules are BS and the FEC has no intention of enforcing them.

The argument will go something like this: "Rove was acting in the role of Fox pundit at the time, he was not acting as the head of the SuperPAC."

And if he was found somehow to be in violation, the fine for such an activity is probably around $2500.

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Stephen Colbert...

...did a comedy bit on his show about how ludicrous those rules are, using his own superpac.

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Except for the 99% who can't afford to play

Unfortunately, with the lid being this far off, as you well term it, there's a new cavalier attitude that's suddenly pervasive. You see, why is there any lid now? It's just in the way.

That would be their logical next step, to make campaigns truly wide open. To them, what's the diff from what CU did?

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We were thinking more or less

We were thinking more or less the same thing while I was typing.

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Amazing statistical anomalies

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Do we have an author for The Great Oz piece?

Or should I say "for The Great Oz piece, an author do we have?"

Anyway, sounds like Yoda?

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That all makes for a great

That all makes for a great conspiracy theory, but where's the evidence?

Isn't it the tradition of hackers who find vulnerabilities in things like operating systems to publish the details of the vulnerability, thus forcing the OS publisher to come up with a fix, post haste?

If there is anything to this story of skulduggery and volunteer counter-insurgency, wouldn't it make sense that the people who averted the stealing of the election would publish the details, including the electronic footprints and fingerprints of those who attempted to steal an election? If Rove or anyone else attempted to orchestrate some kind of electronic attack on the voting system, simply claiming to have stopped the attack isn't enough. Whoever attempted the attack should be exposed and prosecuted, and the vulnerability exposed so that the system can be fortified. If this story is true, then the people who thwarted Rove haven't finished the job.

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