Sep 20 2013
11:56 am

Because smaller government, etc.

Representatives of organizations seeking to help the uninsured sign up for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act reacted with dismay, anger and disappointment Thursday after Tennessee issued emergency rules restricting their activities.

The rules require their employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted, undergo background checks and limit the advice they can give to people. The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance said the agency is protecting consumers from fraud, but religious and social service leaders question the motive.

The rules were issued less than two weeks before the Oct. 1 launch of the Health Insurance Marketplace, where the uninsured can shop for policies and possibly qualify for subsidies toward buying coverage.

So, when inexcusable legislative delays, political foot-dragging, breath-holding, and incomprehensible temper tantrums don't work to get your way, just throw bureaucracy at the problem.

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Red Tape Dispenser is just

Red Tape Dispenser is just another name for Affordable Care Act Suppression.

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'Where does it stop?' " said

'Where does it stop?' " said the Rev. Merrilee Wineinger, coordinator of holistic living and outreach for the Tennessee Conference of the United Methodist Church.

"The state is coming in and telling churches that they can't counsel. It's something that we have been doing so long. They are regulating how we do ministry. Where does it stop?"

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Shades of Stalin? Big

Shades of Stalin? Big government interfering with churches!

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Heartless bastards.

I hope they all come down with gout.

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Lots of similar legislation in other states.

ALEC at work?

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The rules require their employees and volunteers to be fingerprinted, undergo background checks and limit the advice they can give to people.

Gee, the woman in the mister's office at work who signs employees up for their group plan didn't have to do all of this.

And I read that Georgia will require navigators to pass the same test as insurance brokers?

The woman in the mister's office at work didn't have to do that, either.

What's the difference, I wonder (not)?

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Federal Free Speech case


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And yet, gun sellers and buyers don't have to....

go through all this waste of time to get to HELP Tennesseans.

The irony is that Ramsey is getting his 'contributors' mixed

He wants to prevent access to affordable health insurance and why? To satisfy the Kochs, Big Insurance, and the Drug boys.

Meanwhile, one of the worst killers of our citizens, guns, accidental or intentional, are NOT regulated here. Loss of life from fire arms far out-number diseases or accidents. GUN Sellers do NOT have to pass ANY real background test to give buyers access to all the guns they can carry home. Ask AG Nichols. Vans and pick ups drive around our neighborhoods and sell to ANYONE with money, AND do not do any background checks...OR PAY federal tax on these 'buys'.

Who does 'guns everywhere' Ron work for ? Certainly not the citizens of Tennessee.

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