Madeline Rogero: Mayors Challenge Finalist: Knoxville

Politicians often talk metaphorically about "kitchen table issues," the things that matter most to the people we serve. It is hard to think of a more literal kitchen table issue than what our citizens actually have to eat every day - what kind of food options people have, and how well equipped they are to make the most of them. That is why as Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee, I have proposed the creation of an Urban Food Corridor.

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Mary Wilson's picture

This is such a brilliant, compassionate idea!

Way to go, Mayor! One of my friends some years ago who was struggling to find affordable, yet healthy foods, actually pointed out that dairy, fresh produce, grains and non-processed foods are cost up to 4 times more expensive to buy. Area city 'gardens' with neighbors sharing the work, and then the harvesting, will bring people together and will provide a bounty of sustaining foods!
Re-cycle, re-use...the land in urban places...great idea! Practical, low-cost solutions to the real problem of HUNGER!

Up Goose Creek's picture


I'm confused Mary.

I realize that organic produce can be 4 times as expensive, but good commercial frozen produce isn't that more expensive.

Organic grains seem to be 1 1/2 to twice as expensive, but overall commercial grains and staples are a lot less expensive than processed foods. Compare the price of oatmeal to processed cereals. I'm assuming we are talking about a supermarket and not a convenience store.

I'm all for supporting produce production, don't get me wrong - but I think a good way to better nutrition is cooking and purchasing classes. Trucks that bring produce and staples to sell in the low income areas are also a good idea - I think that is part of the grant.

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