May 8 2008
05:43 pm

RoaneViews notes some changes in their website advertising, and wonders if they are rethinking their business plan.

If it doesn't work out for them over there in Roane County, maybe they should take a look at Rhea County.

UPDATE: KAG has more.

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I wrote an email to their

I wrote an email to their 'contact' address welcoming them to East Tennessee and suggesting that they should re-draw their plans with an eye towards a spell checker (the 'dinning' room) and the transposed lettering in 'Rosebud'. at the bottom of the pages.

I got a nice email back from Gary Foster. He said that the site was a hurried, temporary affair and was in the throes of development. They probably took it down to make the necessary modifications.

BTW: Mr. Foster told me in the email that he is, himself a Baptist. Apparently he's "Out-of-Town" Baptist.

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The Home

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"Home is where the heart

"Home is where the heart is."
A place where you feel like family.


Here one can escape from work, family, neighbors, the city life, ect.

I thought you go there to escape family?

Anyway! They seem to have removed Disco from their activities? Don't guess I'll be going. There are a few other reasons I won't visit, but I'll leave it at that.

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