Feb 11 2019
12:01 pm

I've noticed an ever growing amount of trash along the streets in South Knoxville and the majority appears to be from fast food restaurants. It would be nice to come up with some kind of a solution to stop it, but I keep coming up with mental roadblocks on how to rectify the situation.

One idea I feel pretty confident adout is, adding a 1% tax on fast food orders. This would create a lot of revenue for the county for trash clean-up.
Its after this where I'm unsure what to do. If we hire more road crews to clean it up, I'm afraid it will become worse because people will throw more trash out because they know there will be someone there to clean it up.

I'm curious if other places have had luck dealing with this problem? Any ideas?

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Double the tax to 2% and buy

Double the tax to 2% and buy sniper rifles for the road clean-up crew.

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citizen helpers

We have a group in my neighborhood who volunteer to clean the road from the main highway into the neighborhood and the roads within the neighborhood. A tax is not going to change the mindset of people who toss their trash out the window of their pickup truck. If you can catch someone in the act, take a picture of their license plate and turn them in. We also have a problem with people coming into our semi-rural neighborhood and dumping their garbage and yard waste down the bank to the river. Some of us combed through bags one year and it was material from the office of a dentist in Farragut. (I am not sure, but have heard that some of the bags ended up returned to his front yard.) He was phoned by our HOA and claimed that he hired a crew to clean out an office. Maybe so...but it may be time for another "Tennessee Trash" commercial and better education on proper garbage disposal starting in elementary school (if that is not already being done).

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Check out Happy Darwin Day at

Check out Happy Darwin Day at RoaneViews.

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That's hilariously sad.

That's hilariously sad.

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