Dec 17 2013
05:44 am

It's been a sad week.

Tom Laughlin may have not had a long career in the movie business, but he was influential to those who watched his "Billy Jack" movies.

As mentioned in the New York Times, "All of the films treat issues of the day - ecology, war, pacifism, the generation gap, gun control, police corruption, drug abuse, the occult, the mistreatment of minorities ..."

I believe he had a little of Edward Abbey in him.

One Tin Soldier

Go ahead and hate your neighbor,
Go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of Heaven,
You can justify it in the end.
There won't be any trumpets blowing
Come the judgement day,
On the bloody morning after....
One tin soldier rides away


Average Guy's picture

Always taken back by those

Always taken back by those movies for one reason.

The "bad" guys weren't the Russians, Middle Easterners or anyone else foreign.

The bad guys always seemed familiar.

Hildegard's picture

When I was around eight, this

When I was around eight, this movie came to our town's new duplex cinema. This was the 70s, and parents had no second thoughts about dropping off their 8 y/o kids to see a movie. My best friend's mom and her boyfriend dropped us at the ticket booth and drove off to go on their date.

The Sound of Music was in re-release, and we were supposed to see that. It was playing in one theater of the duplex. We'd been listening to her album soundtrack all day, singing along and pretending to be our favorite characters. I hadn't seen it before, and I couldn't wait.

But we were a couple of dumb kids, and the teenagers who worked the lobby were probably all stoned or just didn't give a damn when we bumbled into the theater screening Billy Jack, instead of the one screening Sound of Music. We didn't know it was a duplex and there were two movies. We definitely didn't know what to think when the credits rolled. Maybe there was some point at which my friend said, Hey, wait a minute, this isn't The Sound of Music. But if she did, I don't remember. I just remember us sitting there getting our little minds blown for two hours. That rape scene stands out. "Is he making her show him her boobs? Why is he doing that?" It didn't compute, thank God.

Anyway, it was a formative experience.

MurrayK's picture

I met him in LA

About 20 years ago I was waiting line line at Wells Fargo Bank in Beverly Hills and in walks Tom Laughlin. He looked like he just stepped out of the Billy Jack movie the way he was dressed in jeans a T-shirt, denim jacket and cowboy boots.

He was about three people behind me in line. When I left the teller I spoke with him briefly and told him a story about a friend of mine who worked on the set of Born Losers(allegedly for beer and drugs,). He was very friendly and like i said, he looked and sounded just like he did in the movies. i think he truly was playing himself in Billy Jack.

lonnie's picture

That is cool....I loved the

That is cool....I loved the Billy Jack movies!Even though I was young...I am 54 now, I remember well.

Rachel's picture

When I was in college, it was

When I was in college, it was a "thing" to go see Billy Jack at the drive-in. Not sure why.

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