Mar 30 2014
07:50 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

We have been informed that Rikki Hall passed away this morning at 1:07 AM. Our deepest condolences to his family and many friends.

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Farewell Friend

Farewell Friend. We will never forget you...


- CM

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Such Sadness

RIP, Rikki

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so sad to see you go. you

so sad to see you go. you were wonderful.

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Oh, Rikki. We are so

Oh, Rikki.
We are so fortunate you chose to settle in this little speck of the world. You made it better and we will miss you.

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didn't know rikki personally,

didn't know rikki personally, but his activism will be missed.

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I just adored Rikki. Why, oh why, do the good die young?

So very sorry.

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I have met many wonderful,

I have met many wonderful, intelligent people through this blog. Rikki tops the list. May we all keep a little of his passion in our hearts and minds.

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Sad to say I only knew Rikki

Sad to say I only knew Rikki through KnoxViews. We are much poorer for losing him.

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Better forum than none

Think about how many people in our daily lives we never have "real" conversations with.

I think the long termers here have always been driven by passion and fact.

Rikki seemed to have both in abundance.

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He reached out to me

once when he was in Nashville for a conference, and I came to get him to take him to my favorite local restaurant and music hall (Miss Saigon Vietnamese and The Basement, respectively). I wouldn't say we got on like a house on fire, but I always appreciated that he pierced the impersonal distance of the online community so we could share more than a few words.

Seeing these tributes, I am a bit remiss about not having had more opportunity to be closer, but feeling pretty fortunate that I had the few moments that I did.

Farewell, Rikki. And thanks for sharing part of the ride with me.

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So sad. Our love goes out to

So sad. Our love goes out to Kim.

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May love and peace -

go out to all who knew him.
I know I'll be standing up for some environmental, historical or logical issue in the future and smile knowing there would be a good chance he would be doing the same. While the large bulk of our friendship evolved on the threads of Knoxblab; I always believed he and I held some similar beliefs and if we didn't, we'd have had one heck of a time debating why ours was best.
I was so happy when he and Kim refound each other and married and I'm so thankful she and his friends could help him make this amazing transition in the way he saw fit. It was an ultimate showing of love.
Peace, love, prayers, meditation and all things good to all involved.

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There really are no words

There really are no words sufficient to say what a loss we have suffered as a community and as personal friends. Hopefully Rikki and Loest are already arguing about some bit of esoterica over the heads of the rest of us. Ours is an huge loss.

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Hopefully Rikki and Loest are

Hopefully Rikki and Loest are already arguing about some bit of esoterica over the heads of the rest of us.

I had the same thought earlier today. Made me smile.

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Rest, Rikki - Rest Peacefully, My Friend

Oh, Rikki - you are going to be so missed!

Rikki gave me my first real lesson in using data from Voter Registration/History in campaigns. It's a fair statement to say that without Rikki's help and encouragement, I don't know that I would have run so successfully at first. Thanks to Rikki, I came within 93 votes (as a write-in) of unseating a 37 year incumbent, and beat the other write-in candidate by a tremendous number of votes. No one expected that - except Rikki!

It's fair to say that he was the one who got me to really run for that seat in 2006. I'll never forget that on Election Night, rather than meeting everyone out at a bar, Rikki came over to my house and sat with me in front of the computers, tabulating and tallying votes from across the district (then we went out to a bar, and howled at the moon!).

I was always so impressed with Rikki's knowledge and passion for our natural world, his writing, and his thoughtfulness. I will miss you so very much!

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RIP, good man

Rikki was as sharpest a literary wit as I've ever encountered. We are so lucky to call him as one of our own community here at KViews and as fortunate that he lived and wrote so prolifically from our little burg of Knoxville. If he had wanted, I'm sure he could have gone elsewhere and earned a fortune off his talents and his amazing brain, one that would come to take his life at this still such young age. Now we are left deprived of a wonderful tool that we need to save our own physical world from ourselves. If I were religious, I would have some serious questions about my faith right now. As it is, this just sucks.

Though not much more than an acquaintance to me, I understand Rikki knew how to live life to its fullest and wasted no opportunity in doing so. And I gather that he was as graceful about accepting his fate as he was throughout everything else in life, with honesty and realism. I hope I go as willingly. Peace to you, Rikki. You are a model citizen.

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Here's the link to Rikki's

Here's the link to Rikki's obit: (link...)

Please note that a memorial service will be held on Saturday, April 12 at 2 p.m. at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church on Kingston Pike (which breaks my heart, because I will be in the air coming back from a conference and will not be able to attend).

Donations in Rikki's memory should be made to the Little River Watershed Association.

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A possible treatment for this cruel disease

By coincidence I saw this piece today about using IBM's Watson to come up with personalized treatments for patients with glioblastoma.


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I hope this has real promise - I have lost two fiends to this disease in two years.

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I did not know Rikki well,

I did not know Rikki well, but I did consider him a friend. He was always supportive of my work, although not always in agreement with me. He understood that we could disagree and still be friends. And he was a serious friend to all good journalism. The most important thing I will take away from knowing him is that when he did something, he gave it all of his attention and I think that's important. Peace be with Rikki and with all who lived him.

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