Dec 15 2013
05:36 pm

Lawrence of Arabia star Peter O'Toole dies.

Peter O’Toole, an Irish bookmaker’s son with a hell-raising streak whose magnetic performance in the 1962 epic film “Lawrence of Arabia” earned him overnight fame and put him on the road to becoming one of his generation’s most accomplished and charismatic actors, died on Saturday in London. He was 81.

The "Always a bride, never a bridesmaid, my foot!" quote was delivered by O'Toole when he accepted his one and only Oscar for lifetime Achievement.

Apparently, before acting, O'Toole was a journalist. (I hadn't known that -- the things you learn from obits)

Peter was an altar boy at the local Roman Catholic church and displayed a gift for creative writing, but he left school at 13 and became a warehouseman, a messenger, a copy boy, a photographer’s assistant and, eventually, a reporter for The Yorkshire Evening News. A poor journalist by his own admission, he was fired by the editor with the words, “Try something else, be an actor, do anything.”

So glad he listened to his then editor.

Rachel's picture

How O'Toole missed an Oscar

How O'Toole missed an Oscar is beyond me. He certainly deserved one for Lawrence, and another for one of my very favorite movies, The Lion in Winter.

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Lost a good one

Great Quote: "I'm not an actor! I'm a movie star!"

Great O'Toole & Richard Harris story at about 4 minutes in: link

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I'm pretty sure Burton never

I'm pretty sure Burton never got an Oscar either. Those guys were great actors, but they never really played to Hollywood, which occasionally gets it right but is mainly just bullshit politics like everything else.

CE Petro's picture


It's not the award that makes the actor great -- and Hollywood is so darn fickle.

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"That was a movie...THIS IS REAL LIFE!"


" difference?"

-- "My Favorite Year"


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The Lion in Winter... of my all time favorite movies.

"Oh God, but I do love being king!"

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