May 17 2016
12:43 pm
By: Andy Axel

Guy Clark, the soul of the franchise for Nashville songwriters, has died at the age of 74.

Peter Cooper wrote the obit for The Tennessean.

If you're looking for a career retrospective, my heartiest endorsement goes to the "Keepers" live set from Douglas Corner (1997). Honestly, though, there's nary a miss in his entire catalog.

michael kaplan's picture

It's a well-written obit. I

It's a well-written obit. I was lucky to see/hear him twice in Knoxville (at the Bijou, no less). Great artist.

Andy Axel's picture

Cooper had it in the can for a while...

He says on his FB page today that it's the last thing he ever wrote for The Tennessean.

R. Neal's picture

The Peter Cooper piece is

The Peter Cooper piece is pretty great.

"Something else that’s important,” he told Sandmel,” “is dignity. ... I’ll bet that when you’re dying, you’re not going to think about the money you made. You’re going to think about your art.”

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