Dec 7 2010
05:29 pm

Elizabeth Edwards has succumbed to breast cancer.

The Wonk Room published a wonderful tribute to Elizabeth earlier today.

With her trademark courage, activism, and strong sense of justice, Elizabeth directly confronted the inequalities of the American health care system and the politicians who perpetuated them. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Elizabeth — a regular contributor to the Wonk Room throughout the health care reform debate and a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress — took to our blog and challenged conservatives for releasing a health care plan that would have excluded millions of Americans who suffered from pre-existing or chronic conditions. “Why are people like me left out of your health care proposal,” Elizabeth asked Republicans, pointing out that market-based proposals would leave millions of Americans “outside the clinic doors” and allow insurance companies free reign to continue excluding sicker beneficiaries.

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I am truly saddened. She was

I am truly saddened. She was a great contributor to society. I had wished she had more time. May she rest in peace.

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Something seems so unjust in this scenario

hopefully, something the pathologists and oncologists learned in her battle with cancer will be of some benefit to others on down the road.

Maybe John Edwards will end up in jail. I doubt he and Elizabeth will meet again in the afterlife.

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Elizabeth Edwards Inspiration

Elizabeth Edwards was a phenomenal woman who stood up for the righs of so many and held herself with such grace. She was truly inspirational to the end. I was very saddend by her death.

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