Dec 17 2012
08:44 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

U.S. Senator and WWII hero who acted "with complete disregard for his personal safety." According to a statement from his office, his last words were "Aloha."

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In Ken Burns' series The War,

In Ken Burns' series The War, Senator Inouye described his work as a first responder during the attack on Pearl Harbor - at the age of seventeen.

We are a poorer nation for his death. During his recent remarks on the passing of Senator Warren Rudman, Joe Biden said that, save Daniel Inouye, he had never met a kinder person in the Senate.

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He served Hawaii faithfully for many, many years.

Rest in peace, Senator Inouye.

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I met his niece once, ages

I met his niece once, ages ago when I was in high school and on a trip to check out UT. She was classy, too.

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