Mar 3 2014
02:57 pm
By: knoxrebel

My friend Bobby Drinnon passed away this morning after a long and spirited battle with cancer. Bobby was rather famous in these parts, but his fame extended well beyond East Tennessee. He assisted law enforcement agencies in searching for missing children and in investigating crimes, but his true legacy, in my humble opinion, was using his unique intuitive ability to help folks deal with grief, with crises, and with steering people in what always seemed to be the best and right direction. I loved the man for who he was, for what he meant to my family and so many others, and for being there for us to guide us in his soft-spoken way . . . no matter the parade of horribles that descended upon us.

Bobby was misunderstood by some, but he never let it bother him. He was probably the most optimistic and spiritually-motivated person I have ever known. He helped me in 1983 after I had exhausted all other avenues of help. He permitted me to steer friends and family members his way to share amazingly useful insights, to provide them with confidence, and to improve their self-worth. Occasionally, he called out of the blue to say "I was just thinking of you" or "I had a dream about you" and asked how we were doing. I'm sure there are many folks who could tell similar stories about Bobby. He was the genuine article, the real deal, and it would only take the most hardened skeptic a few moments with him to recognize the truth of that statement.

The last time we spoke was right before my wedding. He called to tell Judith and I that he was glad to have played a part in bringing us together and in our life together, and that he wanted to be at our wedding in person, but the treatments would not permit him to travel that day. He said he would be there in spirit. And he was. We knew we would likely never see or talk with this wonderful and decent man again, and while we were overwhelmed by the joy of hearing Bobby's voice and with the meaningfulness of the words he spoke that day, we both sat silent for several minutes when the call ended, happy that in his own despair, he took the time to call us to share in our happiness, yet devastated that our dear, sweet friend would soon be gone.

Bobby fought cancer the way cancer should be fought: head-on, full speed ahead, undeterred. He died on his terms, with dignity. His death creates an un-fillable void in the lives and the hearts of many. If you met him, you remembered him. Judith and I, along with our family, are all proud and enormously blessed to have known him.

You can view Bobby's obituary at (link...).

Lee Rob friend's picture

goodbye my friend

you always had more faith than I did in so many ways. I am so glad you had a gift to help others. I'm fighting cancer myself Bobby and I know you hear me as I speak now. may God bless you my friend and welcome you to his arms!!


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Other coverage

From NS: (link...)

From WBIR: (link...)

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Gratitude for Bobby

I am so mixed as I replay the news of Bobby's passing; I am saddened of course but also a sense of relief knowing that Bobby is not in pain and knowing exactly where his gentle soul is.

After the sudden loss of my child five years ago, Bobby was my angel on earth with counseling and plain old giving me hope where there was none. Such a wise and kind man. I am sad I won't meet with him again on this old earth.

He helped so many people overcome tragedy, despair, confusion, and loneliness. God Bless you Bobby. Until we meet again.

Richard's picture

A Peaceful Sadness

I was so fortunate to have met Bobby once - last summer - and though I am selfishly disappointed that I will not be able to seek his counsel during this lifetime again, I feel a peaceful happiness knowing that Bobby's work is done for now and that he is in God's Loving Arms and that his life's work has been affirmed for him. God Speed.

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I have known of Bobby since I was young. We both grew up in Morristown and back then everyone knew everyone else. When I read of his death online yesterday, an overwhelming feeling of sadness came over me. I had most recently seen him in May and never thought that he wouldn't recover. He was one of the most caring and sensitive men I've ever met. People scoff at his abilities, but Bobby was an angel on earth who spread love and kindness everywhere.

newlight's picture

Bobby Drinnon

One cannot capture in words the depth of Bobby's soul. His joy and smile lighted up a room and it was hard not to be drawn to him. He helped me when no one else could. He answered questions that were too hard for me to even ask. I will always be grateful to him and to his wife, Juanita.

peanut's picture

Love Life Light

Bobby and I have been friends since 1981. He has shared most facets of my life. He was always there for me. No simple words can describe the love and laughter we shared. He was one of a kind. And I thank God for allowing me to know him. And it always made me proud to call him friend.

P. Alatorre's picture

My friend, my buddy, my loss

Bobby came into my life in 1983. He was without a doubt the most beautiful friend one could ever have. He will forever live on in the hearts and minds of all that knew him. He gave his divine gift of healing and direction to so many in despair. His love and compassion will forever be remembered. Bobby Drinnon is a treasured soul. May God Bless you my most trusted friend.

William (Billy)Wyttenbach, M.D.'s picture

Knew Bobby thirty years,...

I met Bobby over thirty years ago. We instantly became friends; we knew we were spiritual brothers; he always has called me Billy; today we have lost an Angel on this Earth. If the world peoples expressed even half the love Bobby radiated ... This world would be in instant peace! He has touched the hearts of thousands and thousands in his life! No one could ever be the same after even a brief moment in his presence. May you always Bobby ;Live in the light that knows no night in a day that knows no ending,...

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A true angel on earth..

My life was blessed in 1992 when I met Bobby Drinnon. I am so thankful for the years I got to call him a friend and be a part of his glorious spiritual family. Bobby helped everyone he met and left them with love and light. Thank you Bobby for being an angel on earth. Your love and light will live on in everyone that knew you and loved you.



Mr.Drinnon told me the 29th of each month was poison day. What a curse...I read into him and he didn't like it....I bind this curse in heaven and on earth as for it never to control me again through JESUS CHRIST....GOD ALMIGHTY...This will be a day of great rejoicing on earth and in #holy heaven above...

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still missing Bobby

I know it's selfish - but I still miss Bobby's physical presence on this earth. And find myself weeping sometimes - not often, usually when I"m in a state of turmoil. Anyone else out there feel the same?

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Of course. He was the

Of course. He was the ultimate "go-to guy." He was also misunderstood by many, who proclaimed him a charlatan. This man never, not once, misled me, betrayed my trust, or did or said anything to me that was remotely insensitive or selfish. He was not perfect and never claimed to be, and oftentimes, his visions may have seemed not to come to pass, but he harped on the fact that our futures are largely of our own making, based almost entirely on our own choices, and too many times our personal turmoil is the end result of poor personal choices. His mission was to help us make the right choices.

I think of him often, especially, it seems, when the choices I make wind up turning horribly sour. He was a life-guide to many people, myself included, a charlatan to others, but no one who knew him well can say anything bad about him.

Yes, he is sorely missed, and people like us honor what he meant to us by thinking of him during those times when his counsel would have helped us hatchet our way through a rough patch of life and fight our way clear to the other side.

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