Aug 29 2009
09:25 am

A Republican candidate for Governor of Idaho joked about getting license to hunt President Obama. He later said everyone should have known he was joking because Idaho doesn't have jurisdiction over hunting in D.C.

A Baptist preacher in Arizona gave a sermon in which he prayed for the death of President Obama and his family. A member of his congregation showed up at an Obama health care rally toting an assault rifle and a handgun.

The Secret Service detained a man carrying a "Death to Obama" sign at a town hall meeting in Maryland.

These are just a few examples of a disturbing trend. A recent book about the Secret Service says death threats against the president have increased 400% since Obama's election.

It's almost not fair to lay this at the doorstep of the Republican Party. Most of these idiots are libertarians, or apolitical from being too stupid and uninformed to form a cognitive thought on politics or policy (Republican candidates for governor of Idaho notwithstanding). But the Republican Party has tapped this boiling-over hatred to fuel resentment and distrust of anything resembling progressive reforms. They are spreading lies and misinformation like a virus, infecting a large swath of America with a bad case of right-wing foaming at the mouth rabies.

And there's a racial element. The operator of a popular white supremacist website said that 2000 new members joined the day after the election and that an overwhelming increase in activity crashed the site. Otherwise "normal" people are showing up at public protests with their hatred on full display.

This stuff is getting scary.

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infecting a large swath of

infecting a large swath of America with a bad case of right-wing foaming at the mouth rabies.

I'm not sure how big the swath is.

Clearly, the news media that loves nothing better than confrontations and fights will present the extremists as something as a sizable number. That gives them cover for wasting air time to broadcast it.

The right, and its talk show and networking supporters, want nothing more than to be considered a "large swath," just as much as they want to be seen as the reason that President Obama modifies, if he does, any of his health care proposals.

Inevitably, all that will matter is what takes place on election day in 2010 and 2012.

For all the incessant media coverage of the town halls and other protests, I'm failing to see a surge in numbers of those who are either becoming members of the RNC, or leaning in that direction politically.

But I am talking to moderate Republicans and those who lean Republican who feel a greater and greater disconnect between themselves and the "conservatives leaders" as they are seen and heard in the media.

The dogmas of the quiet past, are inadequate to the stormy present.
President Abraham Lincoln 1862

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Right wing babies infect America

That is scary. What can we do?

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Perpetual Nein, I saw a

Perpetually Nein,

I saw a bumper sticker once:

We don't have homes for all of them.
Please Spay or Neuter your Republicans

Visit us at:

The Home

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Yes, it's more appropriately right-wing BABIES

Funny you put it that way, 9. I was going to comment that that is exactly how I keep reading the headline. Also, notice the comma that sets apart my first sentence with the person's name I am addressing. Punctuation helps.

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I've been expecting this

We can't say that we're surprised, especially living in our part of the world. But here's an interesting addition to this point.

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Town hall toters

Cenk Uygur of the young Turks recently had an interesting take on the matter of gun-carrying in a place where the President is present. Noting that the Secret Service insists that such occurrences are infrequent and manageable, he asks how they would handle a situation in which a hundred of them showed up outside with semi-automatic rifles shouldered and nines strapped to their thighs.

It doesn't take a moment of thought to know what would have happened to someone showing up at a Bush rally armed, not even in a protest zone five miles away.

Far too much of the hostility arises simply from the idea of a black man in the White House sitting in the oval office chair rather than in the driver's seat of a limousine.

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