A good start. Should be equivalent of DUI in my opinion ...

Drivers in Rhode Island are going to have to put their phones down or risk a $100 fine beginning June 1.

RI's new hands-free law goes into effect June 1

Distracted Driving

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Tennessee Distracted Driver Traffic Crashes by Year & County

195,301 crashes in 10.25 years in Tennessee, attributed to distracted driving

19053.75 accidents a year, 52 accidents a day, 2 accidents an hour

Tennessee Distracted Driver Traffic Crashes by Year & County 2008 - 2018* 2018* 1st Quarter 2018

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All states should ban the use

All states should ban the use of hand held devices while driving! The number of accidents with fatalities and serious injuries caused by drivers not paying attention to the road will continue to increase because of the addiction of people to texting and talking while driving. It is actually more dangerous than driving under the influence in many cases because those drivers are aware of their impairment.

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