Mar 6 2007
09:10 am
By: R. Neal  shortURL

From Steve at WhitesCreek:

Ann Coulter IS the Republican party. Foul mouthed, hateful, bigoted, prejudiced, and willing to say anything and do anything in order to get her way, no matter how cruel.

There's more. Go read it.

UPDATE: Coulter's getting Dixie Chick-ed. In other news, Karma's a bitch.

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I prefer Les Jones post on

I prefer Les Jones post on the same topic.


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I'll go with Les...

Likewise, even though I've voted for three Democratic presidents I don't feel the need to denounce every liberal jackass who sticks their podium in their mouth.

Les's take is pretty funny.

WhitesCreek's picture

I stand by my assessment

The Republican party has had years in which to denounce the tactics of Ann Coulter. She has not changed and gotten more rabid...She's been this way all along. What have Republicans done? Laughed at her venom and rewarded her handsomely.

Ann Coulter, spokesperson for the Republican Party.

They deserve each other.

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Coulter is the queen of the

Coulter is the queen of the GOP. Virtually all the Republicans I know like her. Hell, most of the GOP guys I know actually profess to lust over that anorexic harpy. What do you reckon she weighs -- maybe 85 lbs?

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84 lbs if you subtract the

84 lbs if you subtract the Adam's apple.

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Exactly. The apple terrifies

Exactly. The apple terrifies me to no end.

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Something tells me Coulter

Something tells me Coulter ain't going to win five Grammy awards (or five of any other kind of awards) anytime soon.

My question is, what were these companies doing advertising on her website to begin with? This is a woman who's publicly advocated treasonous acts, and her buddies in gummint have looked the other way for years.

If I weren't pretty sure she was a miserable human being, I'd bother to hate her. Nearly every article about her seems to indicate her private life is a shambles. Karma is indeed a bitch.

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I don't feel the need to

I don't feel the need to denounce every liberal jackass who sticks their podium in their mouth.

All bets are off if they run for president, huh?


Recursive blogwhore.

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Careful with that broad

Careful with that broad brush. Both parties have their embarassing relatives.

Can't we all just get a long gun?

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Les's links are pretty good.

Les's links are pretty good. Plenty of vitriol at times from both sides.

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Coulter's getting Dixie

Coulter's getting Dixie Chick-ed.

You mean her career's in doubt and her audience will be deprived of her renowned artistic contributions because of her political beliefs?

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What is the story of her

What is the story of her "several broken off engagements"? Can we wink and grin and talk about Ted Haggard and her in the same breath?

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Hey, just for fun...

The Rude one has an interesting take on the Coulter story, but It's not for the faint of heart nor is it work safe.

He did note that at last year's convention, some republicans actually walked out during Ann's regurgitation of bile...This year? Everybody stayed, everybody laughed.

For the fun part, be sure and check Rude's mention of the Octopus.

WhitesCreek's picture

Even so..

Coulter::GOP:Michael Moore::Democrats

I think we have easily demonstrated that Coulter and the GOP psyche are one and the same, while Moore is but one small contributer to that of the Dems. But having said that, wouldn't you prefer the analogy of Michael Moore, whose film F-9-11 was proven to be essentially factual, to that of the GOP Harpy?

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Via Americablog the

Via Americablog the Sevierville Mountain Press has dropped Coulter. It must be be really, really bad for her.

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