Sep 21 2017
10:08 am

Rep. John Duncan Jr. proven wrong on environmentalists

U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr. ended his latest constituent newsletter with this broadside: “Far-left environmentalists almost always come from wealthy or upper-income families who don’t have trouble paying their utility bills.”

Let’s test that assertion.

I took four published polls from 2016, three by Pew and one by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Each had a question about family income and an environmental concern.

(If you are unable to link to the column, send me a message.)

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My family's got some

My family's got some 'splaining to do.

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Funny thing about that part of his newsletter is that he appears to refer to the 2005 consent decree that required KUB to upgrade its sewer system. He said it cost "$120 million if not more." It actually cost more than $500 million, but what he neglected to mention is what led to the consent decree. Before KUB was forced to take action, raw sewage flowed on Knoxville streets every time it rained. Sewage bubbled up from manhole covers as though they were fountains. People living in low-lying areas found condoms, feminine hygiene products, paper and feces in their yards after a decent rain. This was especially acute in older parts of the city where poor people tend to live. I think even those struggling to make ends meet would rather pay a few cents more on their utility bill than live is streaming sewage. A shout-out should go to the Tennessee Clean Water Network, which was the group that took KUB to court.

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