May 17 2020
11:31 am

As many people want to force our current state of affairs into their mold of everything is OK now & we can return to normalcy, the covid deaths increase each day.

Here's a metric that maybe they should consider:

As of today, the U.S. death toll is already 50% higher than the number of people who perished in the Vietnam War! With much sadness, I say that normalcy is in the somewhat distant future - not now.

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How thousands becomes a statistic

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and furthermore

I believe that "the human tendency to turn away from mass suffering" is the mind's way of self-preservation. Speaking from personal experience, I can only tolerate so much gloom & doom. The rapid escalation of covid19 brought thoughts of mortality for me, my wife, friends, etc., & caused me to go into a state of somewhat serious depression. Thankfully I recovered enough to go about my normal everyday activities & put things into perspective. I greatly reduced my near constant intake of CNN. Problem solved!

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