Aug 7 2018
07:04 pm

Renee Hoyos, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from the 2nd Congressional District of Tennessee, released the following statement:

"I will not be accepting any PAC money during this election.

I believe excessive money has a corrupting influence on democracy. Voters should not wonder if their representatives can be bought by big corporations and special interests. You should always know who has the ear (and the pocket) of those who are elected to serve."

Renee Hoyos for Congress

Mike Daugherty's picture

Good for Renee! She is

Good for Renee! She is smart,articulate, and qualified. She has integrity. A lot more than we can say about our immoral President. Renee would actually represent the interests of citizens in the 2nd district. She understands the needs of the community and knows that everybody has a right to decent healthcare. Representative Hoyos would not only reject the money of special interests, she would represent the interests of all citizens and not the interests of the corporate elite. It sure would be good, for a change, to have a representative that fought for decent and hard working people. She actually cares about the health and well being of our children and grand kids and would do what Jesus would do and take care of the most vulnerable in our country.

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