Jan 22 2018
12:43 pm

Number of people who participated in the Women's March: 14,000 (KPD est.)

Number of people who voted in most recent city election: 11,739

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Number of registered voters

Number of registered voters in the City of Knoxville: 87,000 (approx.)

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Mmmm. The marchers came from

Mmmm. The marchers came from all over east TN, so maybe not the best comparison.

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Yeah, I know. But the point

Yeah, I know. But the point is that organizers can get that many people in one place for a couple of hours but people can't be bothered to show up at the polls over a couple of weeks. Not discounting the value of raising awareness, but which has more effect on government and policy?

I'm guessing most of the people at the march voted, but I'd bet some didn't. Hopefully the ones who did will get their friends and neighbors out to vote, in addition to attending protests.

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It could be worth bringing up

It could be worth bringing up in that marching and protesting indicate excitement on issues. However, it might be more important to get excited about voting and the issues that might be better if more people vote.

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Maybe the city, county,

Maybe the city, county, schools, election commission, and History Center could coordinate films, talks, etc. strategically placed on the market square stage, in the schools, parks, during the duration of early voting period thru final voting day. Emphasis on the history of getting the right to vote, and what people went thru to secure that right. Rotate thru the films at lunch time and in the evening.

There could also be an early voting location on Market Square open throughout the day and later at night than usual.

The election commission could have a presence on Market Square during the weekends or high traffic times for questions. So could women League of Voters, etc.

Students for instance would have a focus in school during that time period on the election at hand and elections in general.

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Those are good ideas. In the

Those are good ideas. In the last election, the city and the county election commission partnered to put on get out the vote events around the city. Judging from turnout compared to past elections, they had a positive impact. More of all of this is needed.

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Some form of the above seems

Some form of the above seems like it would also be good in West Town Mall.

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